September 2004


Fall is here…

Fall is officially here. This means it is now time to do all the exterior maintenence work on the house that I’ve been neglecting over the summer. The project this year is to paint the trim.

I’ve selected Hunter Green for the doors and shutters and something called Chatham Green (more tan than anything else) for the trim work. Fortunately the body of the house is red/maroon brick, so I don’t need to paint it.

I have to say that what I’ve managed to do in the 20 or so hours of painting and scraping thus far looks much better than the Pepto Bismol pink, red, and white that made-up the color scheme previously. I don’t know what the previous owners were thinking or what they were on when they decided that painting the shutters pink was a good idea, but I’d love to smoke some of whatever it was.

I’ve learned something valuable through this process. One should have the proper tools to do this type of work. The extension ladder I’m using to get to the shutters on the second floor would probably work better if I found another ladder and put those brackets for making a mini-scaffold up. Trying to balance a 1 gallon can of paint, my body, and use a paint brush whilst 20 feet up in the air on a ladder is probably not the most brilliant idea I’ve ever had.

So if the next time you all hear from me is from the confines of my bed while wearing a body cast and typing with a pencil stuck in my teeth, you’ll know what happened.

But I must say the effort so far has been worth it. I’m much happier with how the house looks now.

What projects are all of you working on this fall?

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