September 2004


Visions of Oz…

The remnants of Hurricane Jeanne are blowing through my area now. I know all we are getting is a bit of a breeze and some heavy rain so we have it MUCH better than the folks in Florida, but I think I saw a cow blow by my window this morning as I was driving to work.

With the tornado we had a couple months back and all this rain, I’m looking forward to winter.

4 comments to Visions of Oz…

  • Mateo

    I;m surprised that anyone is deciding to remain in Florida anymore after what all the hurricanes did so far this season. I hope there aren’t anymore on the way. They haven’t affected Indiana at all so far, which normally would be good, but as I said before, we could use the rain. I think we are going to make it through this whole month of September without any rain. I have this fear that means we are going to get a ton of snow during the winter to make up for it. I’m glad Chris is looking forward to winter, but I sure as heck am not!

  • MT

    Phew! We could use some rain here — on the grass! But, let me tell you, we have flood alerts because the Ohio River is (was) so high. Now that I typed that, I haven’t been chirped at by the weather bug for a while, so maybe the river’s gone down some.

  • koko

    One of my adopted grandmothers houses has already been blown away this hurricane season. My mum and her went to the other FL house (the one still standing) a couple of days after ivan hit…and were held under lock down during Jeane. They were fairly luckly this go around…they didn’t get a whole lot of damage. Their flight here was cancled but should be home in a few days.

    I would like to direct people to this map, which suggests that “God” sent the hurricanes to the republicans…(it might take a second to load since photobucket sucks…but it’s amusing and worth the wait)


  • IUMike

    My brother is in Tampa..he thinks its all great fun, he loves going out in the middle of it to defy the weather gods.