September 2004


Dutch Celebrations

The Betty Ford Clinic in Rotterdam is celebrating one year this month.

Not American?!

I thought this would only be a story from America, but it’s not.

Anti-Darwin school minister quits.

Gettin’ Better Dudes!

I can tell that I am getting better – albeit not back to 100% yet. This morning when I woke up and looked around my bedroom and the apartment, I noticed how much I had let it go. I grabbed a shower and spent the next hour picking up the apartment and doing the dishes. […]


i hate congestion.

this needs to go, fast.

still ill..

So I stayed home today… slept a lot… didn’t do as much reading as I hoped… something about focusing on breathing… yuck.

Yesterday, as I was leaving the apartment, I started walking down the stairs when I noticed movement within range of my eyes–so I looked.

A woman was opening her window across the way […]


I am slightly sick-while on the train to Rotterdam, I experienced what I could only call motion sickness, but what I think was the worst moment of being sick. I showed no ill effects while in Rotterdam, but on the train back I got incredibly congested. This morning, I took some daytime equivalent of Sudafed […]

Travel Notes

This was written 09 September 04, whilst on the train.


I’ve mentioned briefly, before, that my Father is coming to visit me in Europe, and now that I have settled most (but not all) of our transportation details, I am getting excited about that trip, as well as the one next March.

For my […]


I observed a German soldier sitting in a seat marked “schwerbehinderte,” so I investigated.


I’ve noticed a funny thing about the way I absorb news since moving to Germany.

I have changed the mix of media substantially. Living in Bloomington I used the Hearld-Times, The Indiana Daily Student, NPR, WISH-TV, NYTimes.com, CNN.com, and random other sources that crossed my desk.

Now I have reduced my sources to three principle […]


One thousand members of the US military are dead and suddenly it is a milestone.

I picked up the International Herald Tribune at the train station this morning and read part of it while waiting for my train (it was 10 minutes late) and most of the rest on the train.

Above the fold there […]