October 2004


Lies and Debates

Ok, So at the behest of Dick Cheney, I went to Factcheck.COM and got a message from George Soros that I shouldn’t vote for George W. Bush– fine, I won’t. I then continued to Factcheck.ORG where it was proclaimed that “Cheney & Edwards Mangle Facts.”

Probably not the headline Cheney wanted us to see, but I read the article anyway. Neither candidate came off perfectly.

One of the points on which Edwards was caught lying on was about job growth, it seems that he overstated the total number of jobs lost by omitting the number of jobs created by “federal, state and local governments.”

So ultimately instead of Edwards claim that ” 1.6 million private sector jobs have been lost, 2.7 million manufacturing jobs have been lost,” actually only 913,000 have been lost.

Amazingly, the Bush/Cheney web site points out this Edwards lie/misstatement.

This from a group of people who believed Ronald Reagan when he said–as I quote , “Government is not a solution to our problem, government is the problem.”

Seems kind of contradictory to say, hey, Edwards is wrong… we haven’t lost as many jobs overall as you think because, hey… we’re creating a bigger government although we don’t think government should be getting bigger.

Or am I crazy?

2 comments to Lies and Debates

  • ChrisC

    Let’s hope Kerry does just as well or better with the next debate tonight as he did last time. Bush looked like the chimp he is last week.

    I’d find it rather ironic if John Kerry won the election same way Bush did last time. I’m sure if he wins the Republicans will cry foul and get the Supreme Court to hand the First Chimp the office for a second term.

    Of course I’d love it because then the Democrats would be able to sit back with a smug look on their faces and ask the Republicans feel about having an election stolen from them.

  • Too bad the monroe county commissioners aren’t up for election next month… the world would be a better place without Herb Killmer and his “Alfred E Newmann” grin :).