October 2004



This weekend there is a huge festival going on here in Weimar. From what I have made out, it’s an onion festival, and if it’s not an onion festival, it ought to be an onion festival.

The center of Weimar has been packed since noon on Friday with thousands of tourists pouring into town. Its made it difficult to get around, in all honesty, but, for some that is part of the fun.

Saturday afternoon and evening was my principle time at the festival. I went with Katya at first and then spent 4 more hours wandering it with P. From the Ferris Wheel (in India, it’s called a Giant Wheel), to at least 6 separate major stages with a wide variety of music, people were swarming everywhere, and everywhere you went, there were three principle things for sale: Drink (usually Beer, but a few things for kiddies were thrown in from time to time), Food, and Onions.

I had to pop into this madness again today because my German textbook was supposed to be at the bookstore and, thankfully, it was, otherwise I would have found the entire process of wading through the crowds during what was, in essence, a quick shopping trip, to be entirely distasteful.

Once I had acquired my textbook, I returned to my bicycle at the edge of the crowd with more leisure, this time stopping to look at various displays of onions, and I actually ended up buying an onion thing. I’m not sure how to describe it, but for 5€, I have a stick with lots of onions attached to it-both yellow and red, in an artistic display. I opted for one that had lots of dried flowers put into the display.

It’s probably the ultimate Weimar keepsake-if it were not for the fact that it’s probably impossible to get back into the states.

In the meantime, it is rather pretty, and I’ve hung it in my bedroom.

Should it become too odoriferous, it will move.

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