October 2004



Earlier today, when I didn’t have time, I had a lot to write, but now that I am nearing the end of my day (it’s 9:15 in the evening here), I am too tired to write too much.

Instead I will give a brief summary of random things:

German Class: So far, so good. We met verbs formally yesterday, I made a note card to memorize the standard present tense endings, and then promptly left the card at the office today when it was suddenly time to leave. (I almost left the power cable for the laptop as well.) Today we met the numbers up to 200-in written form. I could count to ten before-but only audibly. It’s interesting seeing the numbers written down. Written down, they are not always what I expect.

Work: Today I listened to a presentation in German. I thought it was going to be in English-but it wasn’t. I was happy when I recognized the word “etwas.”

Travel: I am off to Prague first thing tomorrow morning – like at 7:30 first thing. It should be nice-three days in a city with a functioning gay bar and gay scene! I am so excited! Not to mention the greatness of the city in general…

P.S. Toll means something like “Wow!”

3 comments to Toll!

  • Chris C

    Prague is on my short list for travel next year with a side trip to Vienna.

    Perhaps I should sign-up for Amazing Race 8 instead?

    Race 6 has not started yet. Something about the kickoff having happened in September and not enough time to edit it. Guess they were planning to air episode 1 before the race had finished. Perhaps they had a problem with the winner almost getting out for race 5 or something, so wanted the race airing before it ended? Perhaps they are tired of paying to house elminated teams at club med for a month?

    Have fun in Prague and let me know all about when you get back.

  • MT

    So, today I was talking with one of our German professors — and she actually does (did) research in Weinar (at the place that burned down). Small world, eh?

  • Way small.

    Did she like it here?

    Chris: You really need to Czech it out… Prague is way cool.