October 2004


Mein Freundauto wurde gestohlen!

Hi, CQ. here hijacking Adam’s blog…

I have a friend that I went to high school with in California that lives about 200 miles away from me in Virginia Beach, VA. He had a rather unpleasant day Thursday because he ran some errands in the morning and came back out of his apartment about lunch time and his car was nowhere to be seen. Someone had managed to run off with it.

He has described feelings of violation, etc. similar to what I felt when someone stole the wheels off my car when I lived in San Francisco. Oddly, his situation is much better than mine. When my stuff was stolen I still had the car, so naturally the insurance company wouldn’t get me a rental even after I pointed out to them I couldn’t drive a car that had no wheels. Fortunately my friend has an insurance company that has let him have a rental car.

I got to thinking and just can’t figure out what kind of thief would 1. take the factory wheels off of a Ford Escort, or 2. Steal a Dodge Intrepid? If I were so inclined and I stole something knowing I’d end up in jail for doing so, I think I’d at least try to make the theft worthwhile and steal something I have no hope of ever driving or riding in.

I’m sure everything will work out in the end. Let’s hope Adam doesn’t get robbed in Prague!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.

4 comments to Mein Freundauto wurde gestohlen!

  • koko


    What a novel discovery…I’m quite sure the insurance co. was in disbelief that it isn’t possible to drive a car without wheels. Apparently they don’t have much data on cars without wheels and its driving capabilities. Perhaps you should have taken your car and put it on a car and pulled it around? That seems quite reasonable! LOL

    I also think you should edit your entry to say:

    “I got to thinking and just can’t figure out what kind of thief would 1. take the factory wheels off of a Ford Escort, 2. Steal a Dodge Intrepid, or 3. steal the seats out of a 1979 VW rabit?”

    As for when I was really young, my mum and I went to the car to go to school and realized it was rather difficult to drive a car without seats in it since you cannot see over the steering wheel sufficiently if you’re sitting under the steering wheel. I’m not quite sure what one would do with two vinyl front seats of a VW Rabbit….but then again I’m clueless to the black market of automobile seats.

    Ahhhh the missing connections in a klepto…


  • Chris C

    My car adventures continued tonight… I ran over a possum. What’s truly amazing is that I don’t know if I hit it in North Carolina or Virginia, as I was right in the vicinity of the state line sign when I flattened the little critter. So now there is a dead possum that is perhaps now marking the NC/VA boundary on Business Route US 29.

    So now I’ve unintentionally murdered poor defenseless animals in California (2), Wyoming (1), and now NC or VA (1). This is the first animal I’ve taken out in 14 years. 🙁 Remorseful here…

  • I wonder if the ASPCA accepts international collect calls reporting animal abuse.

  • Chris C

    After writing that last night it became obvious that a dead possum marking a state boundary is approproate in the south. I’m sure this won’t last long as one of the inbred hillbilly hicks will likely pick it up and make stew out of it.