October 2004


Praha IV: Gejzee.. r

It was Pink Army Night at Gejzee.. r, the gay club I went out to Saturday night-and I had a blast. In fact, I think the fact that I was alone caused me to lose a lot of my personal inhibitions. Usually I hate the idea of dancing, drinking, and hanging out with total strangers, but I did so- although I really only talked to one person, an 18 year old girl from Poland, and then only for about 5 minutes.

I, as usual, got to the club a tad on the early side, but at least there were a few people there. I paid my 150CZK to get in the door and used my “free drink” ticket-which got me a horrid super-sweet bubble-gum tasting frozen margarita concoction that should immediately be banned from the face of the planet. Fortunately I’d had the presence of mind to order a rum and coke at the same time, which I enjoyed while chatting with the aforementioned girl and watching Fashion-TV (yes, it really exists–I was rather surprised).

After awhile, I got up and wandered through the club, making a quick trip to the restroom before venturing onto one of the two dance floors where I watched a couple of cute young men dancing in pseudo-army uniforms. I could tell it wasn’t authentic since the camo-face paint was only in a couple spots, and they weren’t wearing shirts.

For some reason, the music was really grooving with me, and I actually liked the one song they abused three times whilst I was there, Danzel’s “Pump It Up!” (I tried searching for it on US Amazon, but didn’t find it. It was on German Amazon, and I picked it up yesterday at a local shop.) I found myself dancing on the dance-floor and having a great time.

I had to take a couple breaks in order to cool down, and then I explored the rest of the club-watching hard core gay porn in the mini-theater, for one. That was amusing-I find hard core porn pretty boring after about 5 minutes. I love porn dialogue-there’s something inherently hysterical and absurd how the scripts in porn get two (or more) people to “plausibly” have dirty nasty sex in the kitchen of the four star hotel, in a Lexus, or wherever. I usually fast forward through the sex scenes of porn and go straight for the dialogue.

Needless to say, most of the people in the room weren’t sharing my interest in porn dialogue, and the two young ladies watching from the back row had their camera out and were taking pictures of the movie every time something particularly impressive or unusual happened.

Behind the porn theater was a darkroom, which immediately reminded me of one of my old friends.

I kept returning to the dance floor and about the third time “Pump it up!” came streaming from the DJ’s decks, I really got into it-although I might have been influenced by the cute faux army boy dancing who was really getting into it.

“Don’t you know pump it up? You’ve got to pump it up.”

It was fast approaching 3am, and although the club wasn’t closing for 3 more hours, I regrettably made my way to the door. I had to check out by 11 and I couldn’t risk falling asleep between the time I checked out and the time my train left.

I killed Sunday morning by sleeping in and hanging out at the Globe Bookstore-Prague’s oldest English language bookshop and café. The train ride home was uneventful and pretty.

Next time I go to Prague, I think I will arrive on Saturday, and leave on Monday- That way I can party my heart out and then sleep in, then Sunday afternoon hit the Jewish Quarter’s points of interest. Those are closed on Saturdays.

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