October 2004


There’s a 3-car pileup on the Cumberland…

Hi everyone it’s the CQ hijaking the blog yet again with a slightly interesting story to tell regarding what happened last Monday night (October 18).

It was an otherwise normal evening with me sitting in my den taking in some TV that I recorded. While sitting there enjoying my dinner I suddenly hear a rather loud screeeeech, boom, boom outside of the house. So naturally I go throw something on (if you need to know more about why I needed to do this, read my entry about Provincetown…) and go out on the front porch. Much to my amazement there is a 3-car pileup on my front lawn. Had I not been preparing for my business trip to Wilmington NC the next day it would have been a 4-car pileup but I had the Crapalier parked in the driveway.

You would think I live on a busy street, but that’s not the case as I live in a fairly quiet neighborhood.

The only damage I suffered was needing to rake out and reseed a portion of my front lawn. The damage the poor kid driving the car suffered is a wounded ego and a skyrocketing insurance bill since he took out his own car and both of my neighbors parked cars. He apparently totaled the car my neighbor drove every day (the back wheel was collapsed under the body) and totaled the car that the neighbor had sitting on the street for the past year.

So that’s the excitement in Danville, VA these days. Hoping that next time they miss my car again! My next task will be to call the insurance company and get gap insurance added to both my cars in case our juvenile driver comes back.

2 comments to There’s a 3-car pileup on the Cumberland…

  • Gosh… that sounds similar to when my 89 Camry got his, except I think there was booze involved…

    How’s the lawn?

  • ChrisC

    Lawn is fine. I had reseeded it earlier this fall and it was finally coming up, so I guess I’ll be a few weeks behind. Better that the skid marks happened now instead of January. 🙂

    It’ll grow back.