October 2004



If you are amongst the few undecided voters in the United States who are viewing this blog, I want to point out that one of the great American values is freedom of speech and expression — and that not only must one have the freedom to say what you want to say, one must have the ability to consume whatever one wants to consume.

With that in mind, I want to announce that as an expat living in Germany, I am blocked from viewing the George W. Bush for president website. (Error from Germany: HTTP 403- You are not authorized to view this page.) Therefore, George W. Bush doesn’t believe in the freedoms that are fundamental to my country.

The John Kerry website is viewable from Europe.

For news about this, see “Expats blocked from official Bush website.”

4 comments to Remember…

  • IUMike

    Guess they figure if you weren’t enthused enough to send in your absentee ballot for W by now, you must be a Kerry supporter. I’m surprised they aren’t trying to block HIS site.

  • ChrisC

    Look at it this way, most ex-pats tend to be Republican anyhow. So they are shooting themselves in the foot by only allowing the alternative viewpoint to be posted abroad.

    Well I can dream, right?

  • MT

    Maybe it’s because of all those folks who said they were going to move out of the country if Bush beat Gore in 2000. (Hmmm… right!) Seriously, Bush is a jackass anyhow. Who’d want to view his site. LOL!

  • ChrisC


    You will be happy to know that Rudolph Guiliani went on the Today Show yesterday and essentially said the recent discovery of missing explosives that are in the news here were missing because it was the fault of the troops. A Republican representative came out and blamed the troops for the troubles in Iraq. Bush is scambling to cover that up.

    The ABC newsmagazine had a mockumentary last night (a sing along to the news of the past week) that said in it’s lyrics that Bush says they are finding the explosives… right after they go off. Kind of amusing. 🙂 That is closer to the truth than I think any of us want to know.