October 2004


Schwules Weimar!

Today I was excited when I went shopping at Müller in downtown Weimar. Müller is a store that’s something like Target, but without the extensive clothing, hardware and housewares line–and it is a whole lot smaller. Maybe it’s more like Walgreens, but upscale. It’s hard to tell. (The website proclaims drug store, but it is not a pharmacy, it’s a drugstore. There is a difference in Germany.)

Of course, I digress-I wasn’t excited when I entered Müller rather I was annoyed because I had special ordered the recent Man BOOKER Prize winner, The Line of Beauty (Amazon: US, UK, DE) from the bookstore across the street, and despite a promise that it would be available today, it was not waiting for me on the shelf. I was rather disappointed and headed across the street to pick up a single from the Müller music department.

As I stepped onto the escalator something extraordinary happened: my gaydar went off!

Ok, so as I’ve admitted before, my gaydar in Germany has been somewhat suspect since men here know how to dress and I find men who dress well to be attractive.

Anyhow, this time was somewhat different because not only did my gaydar go off on a German guy, it went off on two younger German guys and I decided, almost immediately, that “this is not a drill, there are actually gays on the gaydar.

I watched their behinds all the way up the escalator and when they got to the top and looked at me, they knew I was gay, and I knew they were gay. I don’t know how to explain it to you heteros reading the blog, but it was instantaneous. They looked at me and smiled, and I looked at them and smiled. They turned right into the stationery department and I turned left into music.

Because what I was looking for is currently a top ten hit, Eric Prydz’s Call on Me (US, UK, DE), I found the CD I was looking for in about 10 seconds. I briefly looked at the dance music section-where really I only know one artist and looked around for the two gayboys, eventually spotting them.

They were busy looking at cute greeting cards (further proof), and I got in the line to pay. I watched them and just before I got to the front of the line, they were looking at 2005 calendars featuring scantily clad men. They walked past me to get in the queue and smile at me-I smiled back, handed over my 4,99€ and wandered off, feeling much better about not having the book I wanted-all because I had just spotted the first two confirmed schwule in Weimar, other than myself.


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