November 2004


Heute Abend.

Deutsch (1st Try): Heute Abend ich gehe ins Kino. “Regenbogenreferat” zeigt zwei Film: “Before Stonewall” und “Stonewall.” Ich kann Schwuleleute treffen.

English, What I hope I said: Tonight I am going to the movies. Regenbogenreferat (A gay group here in Weimar) is showing two films: “Before Stonewall” and “Stonewall.” I can meet gay people.

Corrected […]

Recent Photos

Photos inadvertantly deleted during site work.

This is from Friday night when Monica and I went to the Christmas Market. After Nicholas asked the children what they wanted for Christmas, he boarded this chariot. In the background you can see the Onion Queen’s crown.

On Saturday we took the train to the end of the […]

Four Speeches

I felt like assembling these four quotes in one place. Surprisingly, the first appears not to have been uttered at the UN–although I remember seeing a picture of Khruschev holding his shoe and hitting the table with it. The last one is, obviously, translated, and (at this moment) linked to an odd source. I hope […]


So Friday night Monica and I headed out to the Weimar Christmas Market (Weihnachtsmarkt)-which as far as we could make out by the signs posted around town, started at 5pm that evening.

We made plans to meet at 4:30 in Theatreplatz-and the Christmas Market was already in full swing. Monica was examining fur hand-muffs-children’s priced […]

The Agony

So…. I woke up just now, having slept on my right arm, consequently, my arm was asleep.

Not great, but liveable.

Problem was, I woke up because I was about 3 seconds away from having a Charlie Horse (leg cramp for non-native speakers).

Individually, either one of these is tolerable in a grotesque sort of […]


First Try: Heute, Monica und ich hat fahren aus Kranichfeld. Wir hat um Oberschloss wandern.

Corrected: Heute sind Monicaa und ich nach Kranichfeld gefahren. Wir sind zum Oberschloss gewandert. (Rex: Vielen Dank!)

Today was a fun day: Monica and I took the train from Weimar out to the end of the line for the train […]

Christmas Market

This will be brief… i am tired and must go to bed soon… but… Today I went to the opening of the Weimar Christmas Market… Saw Santa Claus (or whatever his name is here), and looked at many market stalls… Warm fun with Monica from Spain.

Details later.

Thanksgiving in Jena

A couple of weeks ago I looked at the office calendar and noticed that a couple of Americans were going to be here over their Thanksgiving holiday, so I suggested that we have some kind of Thanksgiving Dinner. Initially I wanted to have it on Thursday, but because of the way the stars aligned, it […]

Li(v)e Girls

Ok the Lie Girls are awesome! Be sure you listen to some of the phone calls.


>Warning: This is off the top of my head<

Hmmmm… Ben (from Britain) asks such a simple question, ” Not wishing to seem wholly ignorant, but what *exactly* is this thanksgiving malarky all about? Is it effectively an excuse to cheer up another winter evening, rather like when we have fireworks?”

yet… it has its […]