November 2004


Election Day

I’m anxious.

I thought that I would wake up feeling relieved that Election Day was here. Instead I am feeling nervous.

I might stay up late tonight.. what’s going to happen?

6 comments to Election Day

  • Annie

    Kopf hoch, Adam! Don´t be so nervous! 300 million people can´t be that stupid at the same time! If yes, you´re most welcome in good old Germany 🙂

    Alles wird gut!
    Greetings from the Hiwi-office,

  • ChrisC

    I stood in line for two hours to vote. Then I was greeted with an aniquated lever machine; a system I had never used before. I think I voted for the Eisenhower/Nixon ticket.

  • MT

    I’m twitchy. So far, I’ve had a few calls about students who registered to vote on campus but aren’t showing up in the registrations at their polling places. *Sigh!* Nothing like disenfranchising America’s next generation.

    I went to vote today. It took 45 minutes. We had a minor celebrity in the polling place and all the old folks were having troubles with the touch screens.

    I have my finges crossed, but frankly – I am worried. I am goign to have a hard time sitting still until tonight!

  • IUMike

    All signs are that it is looking good in Ohio. Turnout in the precinct where I was a poll monitor this morning was high, and I saw many Kerry stickers in the lot. Of course, this is Democratic territory, but it appears that we are getting out the vote here.

  • I slept for an hour and woke up with a few states called. Right now CNN projects Kerry is ahead, but… who knows what the ultimate outcome will be.

  • koko

    Mike, what the crap…that’s all I got to say 🙁