November 2004


Long Walk

I just got back from a very long walk… I left my house at 10 this morning and didn’t get home until 6–most of that time was spent on my feet, save for an hour long concert and a couple cups of coffee. The weather was very Colorado-esque… you know, if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes. We experienced sun, rain, clouds, hail, and a few gusts of wind.

The walk was take with Monica, one of my fellow German students. She’s from Spain and very nice. At her suggestion, we took a walk out to Belvedere. I don’t know if she had done any research prior to going out, but I certainly had not. I just now discovered it was a UNESO World Heritage site. We met at 11 and wandered our way up the castle. We went despite the obvious threat of rain.

The Schloss is rather pretty, and I enjoyed the walk. The castle grounds were full of many statues and other random structures. There was the obligatory statue of Goethe.

We dodged rain until there was a brief spell of hail, when we sought better cover and went into a cafe (for the second time) to have something warm to drink. It was nicely timed for us, for at 3, the Music High School was holding a concert, which we attended. From there it was a downhill walk home.

And suddenly, I realize that I am exhausted. It’s almost 7 and I am ready to crash. Too bad I have stuff in the dryer and there’s no way I can sleep through that.

PS: REM Concert Review has good stuff. (Via AMERICAblog)

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