November 2004


Near You… soon!

Upcoming Travel Plans–Perhaps we can meet!

12 November: Weimar to Trier
14 November: Trier to Rotterdam
20 November: Rotterdam to Weimar
17 December: Weimar to Prague, meeting professor in Prague
18 December: Prague to Amsterdam to Detroit to Denver
Research at Libraries, plus visiting Family
30 December: Denver to Detroit to Amsterdam
31 December: New Year’s Eve: Amsterdam to Prague
02 January: Prague to Weimar
05 January: Weimar to Frankfurt to Newark to New Orleans
09 January: New Orleans to Houston to Newark to Frankfurt
10 January: Frankfurt to Weimar to work
14 January: Weimar to Frankfurt
15 January: Frankfurt to Detroit to Indianapolis to Bloomington
19 January: Bloomington to Indianapolis to Detroit to Frankfurt
20 January: Frankfurt to Weimar to work

Random Note: Thanks to President Bush and my move to Europe, America is looking pretty cheap. It’s hard to believe that two years ago the dollar was stronger than the Euro-and that 300€ winter jacket from Joop! that was worth about $270 then is now, ignoring the used factor, worth about $390. That means that I can buy a pair of blue jeans in America for $50 that would be worth less than 40€. Especially exciting considering most quality blue jeans are a whole lot more expensive here to begin with.

I’m planning on doing some shopping!

3 comments to Near You… soon!

  • you’ll have to let me know the details on amsterdam. vinnie and i are thinking about going there in five years, in light of our country’s sichuration. that is, if the world is still intact in 5 years….


  • ChrisC

    Adam, you should enjoy the following article. Apparently the Europeans/EuroZone are getting a bit worried about the decline in the Dollar.


    Hopefully that link will come up for you.

    I knew I should have put all my dollars into British Pounds when I was over there. Even taking out a $5,000 cash advance and bringing the Pounds home with me would have covered my cost of re-conversion to dollars, and cash advance fees. I’d still be about 25% ahead. 15% return/yr on money isn’t too bad.

  • Amsterdam is an excellent city to visit… whether you are seeking art, sex, or drugs… plus many other things not on that list. It’s relatively compact, so you probably won’t need to try and figure out the public transportation– unless you go during the winter. I forgot to add it to my list, but I will be visiting Amsterdam in February for a couple days. Amsterdam as listed in the transportation list merely indicates its a hub where I change planes.