November 2004


It’s just a number!

CQ again with a short entry for you Hoosiers. Apparently the interstate highway extension planned to run adjacent to Bloomington is immoral. The congressman from Indiana’s 8th Congressional district is pushing for a number change to I-63.

So I guess the current interstate which will become a through interstate south of Indianapolis is just supposed to arbitrarily change designation after it goes through the city because some religious moralists object to the designation.

Give me a break! It’s just an F-ing number! Of course, that’s the objection.

6 comments to It’s just a number!

  • Chris, The Hoosier Gazette is satire… although this sounds all too plausible considering Hostettler.

  • mateo

    It’s strange, but I never think anything sexual when I hear the term “I-69” in regards to the highway. And if you know me, that would be hard to believe. I suppose it’s like not having a 13th floor because of crazy superstitions. Though I have to agree with Adam that Hostetler would be crazy enough to do something like this. God, I need to move outta this hoosier state!

  • IUMike

    Wow, I’m surprised that this is satire. It sounds completely plausible. And Hostettler would probably be the only person to think of I-69 as a naughty name. Like Mateo, the thought had never crossed my mind.

  • koko

    At first I was confused…then *click* I got it! Dude he’s lame, shame on him for having a dirty mind! Get your mind outta the gutter Hoe-settler and do something worth while!


  • The Hoosier Gazette’s most famous article of all time was taken for legitimate.


  • ChrisC

    April fools came to me early this season. It is plausible though with all the darn fundies running around.

    Strike another win for the Hoosier Gazette. 🙂

    It wouldn’t surprise me if the story ultimately ends up as true by the time the interstate gets built. The moralists did manage to get US 666 in the southwest mostly redesignated US 191 a few years back. Amusingly, I think a section of the road in UT is still posted as US 666 since US 191 was already designated north of I-40. Guess the Mormons are devil worshipers.