November 2004


Weimar – Rotterdam

I have to restrain myself. I suspect that if I were to write out detailed trip reports about my travels, some of it would get rather repetitive rather quickly. There are only so many ways to describe the train ride from Weimar to Frankfurt: the first time one does it, one looks out the window at all the pretty green trees. You might even do so the second time you take the train, but now that I have taken that particular segment about a dozen times now, I pretty much either read books, write things on my computer or take naps. Today I managed to accomplish all three at once for some distance.

The napping part wasn’t intentional.

The first train, despite being 10 minutes late at Fulda, managed to make it into Frankfurt Hbf only two minutes late, which meant I had a leisurely 20 minutes to connect from platform 10 to platform 19. I did so without any problems whatsoever, and found my seat on the Amsterdam bound train. I proceeded to change seats immediately since there was a far more attractive (and unreserved) seat at a table.

I plopped down, fired up the laptop and started the disk defragger. Don’t ask me why, but I hadn’t run the defragger in awhile and I had just deleted 5 or 6 gigabytes of duplicate music files this past week, so it seemed like a good idea.

I completely lost track of time and some guy who was moderately cute sat down across from me asking “Sitzplatz frei?

As an aside: That’s one of the German phrases I understood rather quickly-I would assume that in America, the question would be phrased, “Yo, asshole, anybody claiming that seat?”

I spent the next hour, which seemed to include one unannounced and unscheduled stop, defragging the hard drive and staring out the window into the reflection of the guy sitting across from me. In Köln another cute guy got on board the train and sat next to the moderately cute guy, and so I had the pleasure of two attractive pieces of eye candy – that is until the first one got off just now in Düsseldorf.

(Randomly, guy number two not only looks cute, but smells good. I’ve never really thought about it before, but smell can be just as important as looks to me. Without going into too much detail, I think Mateo will agree with me.)

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