November 2004


Happy Birthday!

Hey everybody… I have an announcement:

Today is CQ’s birthday!

Happy Birthday CQ!

I think everybody should take a minute or so to write him a happy birthday note in the comments!

(Randomly, Somebody knew when the birthday was, but didn’t realize how soon it was, so snail mail greetings will come slightly late. Please accept my apologies!)

6 comments to Happy Birthday!

  • IUMike

    Happy Birthday Chris!

  • Chris C

    Thanks Adam and Mike plus anyone else that may post it later. Enjoy a nice piece of ice cream or cake for me. 🙂

    Somebody is in trouble at home though… he let me out of the house this morning without so much as a happy birthday. I won’t be too upset, he did take me to a very nice dinner the other night for my birthday… and who knows? Maybe he has something in store for later.

  • MT

    I am a big proponent of birthday celebrations so Happy Birthday! (My husband is well trained about remembering my birthday. It is the day before Christmas, so usually I am SCREWED when it comes to presents…)

  • koko

    Happy Birthday Chris 🙂 I hope you have a good super day 🙂

    (don’t feel bad about adams late arrival in your snail mail box…i was promised a cake and still never got one 😛 he won’t ever live that one down!!)

    I am being taken out for a thank you dinner tonight so i will eat some cake for you 🙂


  • ChrisC

    Thanks again all… and my man did remember last night after all. He’s not on my “must wound” list anymore.

    Adam’s snail mail greeting to me may not be read until early December. If it fails to arrive by Friday, I won’t see it until I get back from Las Vegas. Ah, Vegas… I must enjoy it before the religious fundies shut it down because it offends them.

  • I mailed it Monday in Rotterdam. It should have been on a plane today, if my predictions hold…