November 2004



First Try: Heute, Monica und ich hat fahren aus Kranichfeld. Wir hat um Oberschloss wandern.

Corrected: Heute sind Monicaa und ich nach Kranichfeld gefahren. Wir sind zum Oberschloss gewandert. (Rex: Vielen Dank!)

Today was a fun day: Monica and I took the train from Weimar out to the end of the line for the train that goes from Weimar out to the station near my house (all of 4 minutes). It took an additional 40ish minutes to get to Kranichfeld.

Once there, we got off the train without any clue what we could see. After consulting available maps we headed off to the church, which was locked. From there we went up the hill to Oberschloss. Which was, unfortunately, closed.

That didn’t stop the cat from welcoming us to the castle, which charming and sweet. He was very nice until Monica made the mistake of deciding to walk away to take a photo, when suddenly he announced that we weren’t supposed to leave that spot; when we ignored him, he didn’t return to give additional affection the rest of our stay at the castle.

The castle was charming and pretty, although run down. We wandered around the castle and then took a hike down the side of the hill, eventually returning to the center of town, where we had a coffee, and then wandered off to the other castle.

After three hours, we caught the train to Bad Berka, where we got off the train and wandered around what appeared to be an abandoned village. There were only a small handful of people in town. We ended up in a café: Der Nagel. Where we had something light to eat and talked for a couple hours. On our way out, we were informed we were at a world famous site, certified by the Guinness Book of World Records.

We were in the presence of the World’s Largest Nail.

I took a couple photographs, and then we caught the train back to Weimar.

2 comments to Kranichfeld

  • MT

    I was thinking of some rude American response to the largest nail, but I couldn’t come up with anything other than getting nailed. Oh well… it’s bedtime and my brain is fried.

  • ChrisC

    MT – Lessee… Darning needle? Knitting Needle? Body piercing needle? I have to admit if they had come at me with that I would have run asaFp out of the piercing studio. 😉