December 2004



I’m in Prague.

Unfortunately my luggage is not.

not again…

Ok… i know… just another reminder that I like to travel. I leave Denver tomorrow (Thursday) morning and will be flying to Prague via Detroit and Amsterdam.


Also… while in Cheyenne last week, my sister and I visited Wyoming Home, a pretty cool store. Unfortunately, it burned yesterday.

The States

So, I was out of the States for a record four and a half months-and now that I’ve been in the states for just over a week, I have a few rambling things to note:

First, driving is easy and it’s fun! I haven’t forgotten anything, especially driving in Wyoming during white-out conditions. The aforementioned […]

Cheating Housewives

Hi, CQ here with another BLOG hijacking.

I received the message below in my office e-mail. I’m very glad to see #3 still thinks her husband is working at night. He’s actually spending the nights with myself and Bryan, but don’t tell her. Apparently he wanted something more substantial to hold onto instead of that […]


I went to see Kinsey today. The movie was rather sanitary, but had its amusing aspects. I need to record my experiences with the Kinsey institute for everybody some day soon!

Will write more tomorrow!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everybody!

I will try to post something longer sometime this weekend–or Monday.

For the record, had my sister and I left Cheyenne 5 minutes earlier than we did, we would have been in the 18-20 car pileup on I-25 on Wednesday.

Christmas Party II

As it happens, I got to Denver just in time for my friend’s Christmas Pot Luck Christmas Party and Gag Gift Exchange.

Perhaps that’s a bit long winded for what it was, but there you have it.

It was Sunday night and I showed up with the food they requested I bring, and a gag […]


Well I made it.

I’m back in the States, and I’m functioning. I’m not sure how long this will last. I went to bed at 11:00 Denver time, and then woke up at 3:00 — although I was only awake for about 15 minutes. I then woke up at 6:30, much to my parent’s surprise. […]


So I’m in Prague, but not for much longer. I’m in the business center of the Czech Airlines lounge. I think I understand why people have club memberships. This is nice- free food, beer, nice view of the tarmac–what more could one want.

I’ve had a good time in Prague and will write more later… […]

American Stuff

So, I want to bring presents from America to Europe.

What’s the best typical American things to bring to Germany?