December 2004


Christmas Party II

As it happens, I got to Denver just in time for my friend’s Christmas Pot Luck Christmas Party and Gag Gift Exchange.

Perhaps that’s a bit long winded for what it was, but there you have it.

It was Sunday night and I showed up with the food they requested I bring, and a gag gift. Fortunately for me, I had picked up a “Prague: Czech Me Out” t-shirt while in Prague, and found it in my suitcase before heading to the party.

Cheap. Cheesy. Perfect.

David and Dennis have managed to surround themselves with really cool people here in Denver, and it was nice to meet their new friends-whether from the bowling league or wherever else in life.

I asked one of the people what he did for a living, and he said “I’m an accountant for a telecommunications firm here in the Denver area.” It turns out it’s one of the global players who’s headquartered in Denver-but I had to ask to find out which one. For the record-and this goes back in history quite a bit-at no point in my life have I ever gone into his office building carrying a copy of The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, or Multichannel News.

I think that probably clarifies the situation, perfectly.

The main event of the party was the aforementioned gag-gift exchange. We drew numbers, and the first person got to choose a present and open it. The three year old kid opened a package with glow in the dark sheep.

The second person got to pick a present and then, if they wanted, take the present from the first person and give the first person the wrapped present. And so on. I was number 16, so I had a plethora of choices confronting me. I picked a present and took the Lego Brick Bible from someone. Unfortunately the person kept the present I selected, and was, unfortunately, doomed to keep the neat hanger with clothes pins hanging off of it. She could rest assured that no one who followed me would steal it.

Unfortunately for me, the Lego Brick Bible was taken from me in relative short order, and I replaced it with a cute brief case-in the shape of a pair of briefs. Ultimately that was taken from me and although I tried to get the Brick Bible back, I ended up with my third choice, the Humpy Puppy magnets.

Appropriately, the Czech T-Shirt ended up with a guy who collects t-shirts and has a Czechoslovakian (his word, not mine) background.

I’m glad I made it to Denver in time for the Christmas Party and to see my friends. I miss being near them since they’re so interesting and engaging.

And for the record, at no time did anybody threaten to take the glow in the dark sheep from the three year old.

2 comments to Christmas Party II

  • mt

    Damn, and I would have liked to have had a glow in the dark sheep for Christmas. 😉 Just kidding.

  • mateo

    Heya Adam!!

    Hope you are having a grand ole time in Colorado. I just got back to Indiana from there this morning after one heck of a long and arduous journey with the folks and their foreign exchange student from Budapest. I’m sure we crossed paths somewhere along the way. All I know is we have more snow here than you do there! Of course, I hear Bloomington got even more, so my “new” car may have a bit of a challenge ahead. Anyway…hope you (and all your loyal blog readers!) have a wonderful holiday with many warm memories!!
    Fa la la la la….la la…la la!