January 2005



So I’ve been to Luxembourg, land of cheap gas and free parking (on Sundays).

We had dinner and caught “The Aviator.” The movie was in English with both French and Dutch subtitles. Fortunately the box office clerk spoke English.

For the record, I am now tied for first place in the category “most nations visited” […]

This is BORING

Yeah, I know. This is boring.

Sunday: Travel to Trier, Dinner in Luxembourg Monday: Trier, Germany Tuesday: Travel to Amsterdam Wednesday: Meeting in Amsterdam Thursday: Lunch in Rotterdam, other details Friday: Travel to Berlin Saturday: Berlin Sunday: Colditz, Home

Random Thought: I’ve been reading a book about Colditz, and it is rather distrubing. Combine that […]

Cheney Fucked Up

He cannot dress appropriately.

Although I’m guessing Bush would have messed up some how too!


So I went out for a couple hours tonight.. had a beer (or two) some food, and eventually needed to use the facilities.

When I walked into the bathroom, there was a guy in there holding his cell phone (Handy/Mobile) up to his ear. I assumed that he was seeking privacy (albeit misplaced) to chat […]

Where’s Bush?

Not here.

I’m ashamed of the president.

Press Conferences in DC are nice, but sending Dick Cheney to Auschwitz is a weak substitute for your personal appearance.

Web Links

I thought that it was time to share a few of the things I’ve recently found on the web.

First off, Scottish Widows. It doesn’t seem to be a joke.

Tired of reading and analyzing the comics? The Comics Curmudgeon/Josh reads them for you and comes up with great insight as to what’s going on. […]

Kitchen Metric

So I just made one of those mental metric mistakes.

I know that 1 kilo is equal to 2.2 pounds.

How do I know this? 21 Jump Street. (I can still hear Officer Hanson saying “Two point Two pounds” in my head.)

On my way home from the office, I thought I’d make a simple […]


Why did Nixon have to mess up his presidency?

He was right on China, right on the Environment, and now Right on Terrorism.

Why does Bush and team think they invented the wheel?

He may be dead, but Nixon in 2012!

Latter Days

I’ve often thought seducing a Mormon Missionary would be sexy and fun. It seems I’m (mostly) right.


I’ve always thought it might be sexy to jerk off while eating corn flakes with a buddy. This movie proved me wrong.