January 2005



So I’ve been to Luxembourg, land of cheap gas and free parking (on Sundays).

We had dinner and caught “The Aviator.” The movie was in English with both French and Dutch subtitles. Fortunately the box office clerk spoke English.

For the record, I am now tied for first place in the category “most nations visited” amongst my siblings. I shall move into first place in the next month.

9 comments to Luxembourg

  • ChrisC

    If I was still in contact with Joachim from our UWYO days, I would have sent his address to you so you could have visited. Last contact I had with him, he was in Trier.

    He told me he would go over to Luxembourg to get gas, etc. since things were cheaper there.

  • mt

    I am so jealous.
    I am stranded in work hell.
    My new hobby: I am counting to see how many times my boss wears the same blue shirt to work this week. Last week – he wore the shirt FOUR times. LOL.

  • mt

    Wait … maybe that last comment should go with the Cheney clothing story…

  • ChrisC

    4 times in the same week MT? I’m surprised the shirt hasn’t gotten up and walked away on its own in a desperate search for a washing machine.

    I’ll wear the same shirt twice in the Fall/Winter/Spring, but summer a new one each day! Then I have a cushy indoor desk job…

  • mt

    Yesterday, it was a blue shirt. Today, I saw him sitting in a meeting wearing a red tie and … a blue shirt. I’ve decided to count and see how many times he wears a blue shirt during the month of February. My husband finds this hysterical. But then … I dress Gary. I bought him five shirts in five different colors and coordinated his ties to them.

    Of course, Gary doesn’t really like his “manly” pink shirt. 😉

  • mt

    P.S — Gary thinks he has four copies of the same shirt.

  • mt

    I really should finish my thought before I hit enter, eh?

    I think we need a “Queer Eye for the Academic Guy” T.V. show set here at the ol’ university. One of the others guy in my department wears PASTEL shirts in winter. I commented once on his very purple shirt. I’ve noticed that he hasn’t worn that one since. (LOL)

    As for other people in this building: last summer one of the young professors (different department) taught his classes in a wife-beater and shorts. I kid you not. He’s cute, but not that cute. UGH!

    I realize that my style is lacking and I never dress up, but at least I manage to wear different colors every day. And I cover up my nasty flabby arms with sleeves!

    I should send you the link to my department’s website so you can laugh at us!

  • IUMike

    I wonder if I can get away with a wifebeater and shorts…

  • mt

    I know my Catholic school girl outfit (at Halloween) was a real hit with one of the theatre professors. You know how bad Catholic school girls are. 😉