February 2005


No Berlin, no Prague

Due to illness, it seems I will not be in Berlin or Prague over the next week.

Very sad.

Winter Sports

I wish I had a sled.

I went out today, mainly because after having spend yesterday at home doing 5 loads of laundry and running the dishwasher, I was in desperate need of fresh air.

Fresh cold air, I might add.

Weimar is in the middle of a month-long stretch of nothing but cold and […]

Nerdy or Not

Via Koko.

Note to self: Never fly British Airways

This is corporate insanity at its best. Apparently safety of passengers is not priority-one at British Airways.

Finnish Breakfast

In January I was informed by my TC (Traveling Companion) for the trip to Tallinn and Helsinki that she had already special ordered her favorite Finnish Breakfast. In fact, it was January 20th at 8:12pm that she informed me that I would be having rice bread for breakfast when in Finland.

Because this was so […]

this time next week

This time, next week, I’ll be in Berlin.

Dear Leader

So Dear Leader’s visit to Germany has had a significant economic impact.

500,000,000€ loss to shipping on the Rhine, never mind losses at the Frankfurt Airport.

Congratulations to Dear Leader and his Security Forces for helping out the German Economy!

The Gates

So I missed The Gates, but I really enjoyed The Crackers.

(Via Dan Renzi)


So last night my laptop stopped working and my heating was broken.

Is this a message from the Gods about my attitude toward the Mormons?

He was cute dammit! Yummy cute!

Tallinn and Helsinki Photos

So, here they are! Selected photos from my recent voyage to Tallinn, Estonia, and Helsinki, Finland. Remember to click on the images to get bigger versions!

This is the DJ at Club Hollywood, where we went the night we arrived. It was Lady’s Night, the floor was sticky, and women in Estonia do ritual dances […]