February 2005


Why Not…

For those of you who remember what was perhaps my most infamous email of all time–the one everybody but my relatives got–the bar mentioned in that email has closed, a victim of the weak dollar.

It seems that the number of American tourists coming to Europe has dropped, in particular the number of Americans seeking that kind of entertainment. Most of the clientel were American.

Very sad.

In a funny way.

5 comments to Why Not…

  • MT

    Obviously the bar owners wouldn’t believe ol’ Dubya’s claims that America’s economy is on the rebound. (Note to self: don’t throw things at the TV during state of union address. Might break TV)

  • ChrisC

    MT — That is why I didn’t even bother looking at the State of the Union. I went grocery shopping and made dinner instead.

    Especially since some of my comment(s) on your blog yesterday were partially due to my frustration of having to work on the Brain Dead Monkey’s political agenda that is contrary to my interest.

    I’m working very hard to get out of this situation as it is starting to hurt my health.


  • MT

    I like that — Brain Dead Monkey.
    Around here, he’d be pretty bright. 😉
    I can’t wait to see what my kids say in my gender class today. We’re going to start by talking about the State of the Union. It could be dangerous – I plan on staying out of the liberal/conservative crossfire!

  • Oh MT, I know what you’re saying. When I get overwhelmed on my show, “Coffee Talk” I have to give people a subject to discuss while I regain my composure.

    Sometimes I lose my composure purposely so I can watch the people argue.

    Let’s do coffee with Babs Streistand sometime!

  • MT

    A- when are you coming back to blogging? *Sniff* I am in need of entertainment!!!

    For those of you who care: I counted the shirts this week (3 blue, 1 white, 1 tan).

    Boy, I need a life!