February 2005


Ferry Rides

The ferry ride between Helsinki and Tallinn takes about 3 hours–which leaves one three hours to buy duty free booze, duty free chocolate, duty free purfume, or… kill time.

On our way back to Tallinn we killed time in one of the onboard bar/clubs where we watched Karaoke in Finnish. I didn’t understand a single word nor recognize a single song save one for three hours, the only song that was in English.

Too bad it was the theme from Titanic.

9 comments to Ferry Rides

  • ChrisC

    I remember when Titanic was in the theaters. It should have been billed as sinking on the hour, every hour.

  • MT

    Chris! That’s great! I nearly fell out of my chair laughing when I read that. The first time I saw the movie, I thought “damn, this is long, but kinda’ sweet.” The second time I saw the movie, I thought “What the F*** was I thinking, spending good money to rent this saccrine-sweet shit?”

    BTW, I love the irony of singing a song from a movie about a shit sinking while actually on a boat. That’s about as bad as an airline showing a movie about a plane wreck. LOL.

  • ChrisC

    MT, my company is responsible for the movies on one of the Major US Airlines and Air Force 1 and 2. We have to make sure nothing like fire, hijacking, plane crashes, malicious events on planes shows ON THE PLANE.

    I think they showed the movie “Speed” on the airline once and at the end of the theatrical version the bus crashes into a plane. In the version they showed on the airline the bus crashed into a building, I think. I’m not in that department, I just heard about it.

  • MT

    Truth is, I’ve never seen an airplane crash movie on an airplane. However, when Gary and I flew NWA to London a few years ago (God, has it been four years?), they showed “A Perfect Storm.” That kinda’ creeped me out because the boat sinks and we were flying over the Atlantic. I *hate* to fly – I always feel like I should make out a will before I leave ground. I know it’s safer than a car, but (1) I honestly wish I was flying the plane because I am a control freak and (2) I am slightly claustropic, so I hate sitting in a tube with all those people. *UGH* Must remember to pack sleeping pills for trip to Germany. Maybe I should go to confession? (Of course, the church roof would cave in if I walked in the door!)

  • I suggest “Bob Roberts” for AF1.

  • MT

    I *LOVED* Bob Roberts. I might show that the next time I teach POLS 102.

  • ChrisC

    I think our liberal friends in the video department joked about putting Farenheit 9/11 on Air Force 1 and 2… then they remembered the like their jobs.

  • I suppose that Jesus Flick from last year was on the plane…

    I can’t even remember its name now….

  • koko

    never seen the titanic…too much of a shit movie to waste my time on. sorry.