February 2005


Winter Sports

I wish I had a sled.

I went out today, mainly because after having spend yesterday at home doing 5 loads of laundry and running the dishwasher, I was in desperate need of fresh air.

Fresh cold air, I might add.

Weimar is in the middle of a month-long stretch of nothing but cold and snow which is somewhat remarkable since apparently there was none of this last year!

Anyhow, I picked out a book, picked up my iPod and headed for the door. My first destination was the Rez Café, where I had a delightful lunch and read away for a long time.

After that, I headed for the park along the River Ilm, where, as I expected, I found lots of children (young and old) sledding. The park has several fantastic slopes for people of all capabilities, ranging from a tame short slope to slopes long, bumpy, and fast.

I spent awhile watching people and took a few pictures along the way (pictures, if they turn out, will be posted in the next couple of days).

I only wish that I had my own sled to go careening down the slopes!

1 comment to Winter Sports

  • Try a tray from a lunchroom or cafeteria. Or if you’re up for a real challenge…waxed cardboard boxes (the ones cucumbers or peppers are shipped in)…takes a little time to get the hang of the steering but it’s quite the ride! (did this in NYC when I was growing up…still have all the parts of my spine.)