March 2005


Terri Schiavo

Now that their daughter has died, I hope that Terri Schiavo’s parents, Bob and Mary Schindler, get the psychological help they so desperately and obviously need. The inability to tell that one’s daughter is in a persistently vegetative state and thinking that her responses to one’s voice are anything but reflexive responses shows that you […]

Rick Mercer

So as you know, over Easter Weekend I was really sick. I had that long series of Harry Potter dreams where everybody was reading Harry Potter II in Britain and they were giving out free copies everywhere-I talked about it.

Funny enough, I was actually reading Harry Potter II – which no doubt fueled this […]

Radiator Update

This morning, much to my surprise, the doorbell rang at 9.

At 9:12, as the repairman left the flat, it occurred to me that i had just missed a train.

Yes, it was repaired that quickly.

And he was on time.

I am stunned.

Get Real

So I admitted to having a love of the British teen gay love story, “Beautiful Thing.”

Unfortunately I’d owned the movie on VHS and I have neither a videotape player and even if I did, it’s the wrong format for Europe.

That leaves me with a selection of other British gay films to enjoy on […]

Beautiful Thing(s)

At the end of next week I will be in London with my brother as he conducts his first intercontinental trip of his life–it will be exciting for him, and, along the way, I will finally use London/Heathrow, as opposed to picking up either ChrisC or my father from Terminal 3. I will be using […]

Wellness Update

Hey everybody!

What a glorious wonderful super day!

Did I mention that I am over being sick- That was so yesterday!

Yes, yesterday I was still sick-I was getting better, but I was still sick. I was supposed to go and spend last night with a colleague in the northern reaches of Thüringen, but instead, […]


I am sick… horrible pounding headache, inability to sleep long periods of time.

Over Easter.

This sucks.

Followup: Saturday afternoon at 3… I noticed that I was getting sick last night at midnight, although it wasn’t until I was in bed that I realized how sick I was–for I emerged from under the covers, grabbed […]


Even though its a holiday, Good Friday, I have had a busy day. In fact, I am exhausted.

Will write more on Saturday!

Train Tales

On my way home today, I had a headache-so I wasn’t completely with myself when I boarded the crowded train headed from Jena West to Weimar. The train was unusually packed because of the Easter holiday.

I sat down in a seat near the door because I had a tight three minute connection in Weimar-and […]


Yesterday I got home and I noticed that the radiator in my bathroom was dripping water on the floor. It’s not the first time this has happened, but it seemed to be getting worse, so I contacted the Hausmeister, who said he would come out this morning at 8.

When he showed up a few […]