March 2005


Naked Update

In case you were wondering about last night’s naked man, I have some additional information.

First, he wasn’t on my floor, he was on the 2nd floor, the one below me (or for Americans, the 3rd floor). After he was taken away, the police searched his room (big surprise there!) and found cocaine in the room. The guy at the front desk this morning said they suspected it was a bad batch (big surprise there!).

I asked this afternoon, and apparently he destroyed all of the glass in his room, damaged the elevator door and broke a display case–I might be missing something in this list. The room apparently needs a lot of repair (big surprise there!).

He’s still, as far as the guy at the desk knows, in prision, or wherever it is they send coke heads who get too high for their own good.

This actually reminded me of another Rotterdam incident. A while back I was walking with two friends through a park and came upon a stabbing–not in progress mind you, but probably 5-10 minutes after it had happened. There was only one police officer at the scene and the ambulance could be heard in the far off distance.

So, for those of you counting my Violent Crime Experiences:

Stabbings: Rotterdam – 1
Naked Cokeheads in the Street after breaking lots of glass: Rotterdam – 1

Chart of Violent Crimes Encountered by Adam
Rotterdam: 2
Rest of World: 0

4 comments to Naked Update

  • ChrisC

    Gee, all I have is getting a gun pulled on me once, and having a NYC Policeman draw his gun and point it towards me while he was pursing a suspect.

    So if you hear I’ve been capped, you’ll know what happened.

    Sounds like you need to stay out of Rotterdam.

  • IUMike

    I’m sure the strip joints and hot boys make up for Rotterdam’s failings.

  • mateo

    Wow….Adam keeps a tally of violent crime experiences (big surprise there!) heheh.

    Adam….what *don’t* you keep track of???

  • most things… i think…. I only remember memorable things. I don’t actuall remember whether the chicken I ate was good or bad the last time I flew from Detroit to Frankfurt. :-p