March 2005


Rick Mercer

So as you know, over Easter Weekend I was really sick. I had that long series of Harry Potter dreams where everybody was reading Harry Potter II in Britain and they were giving out free copies everywhere-I talked about it.

Funny enough, I was actually reading Harry Potter II – which no doubt fueled this bizarre dream-now as most of you are aware, Harry Potter isn’t rocket science, and when I am well, I can read the second HP novel in about three hours. However, when ill, I was reading 10 pages before taking a two hour nap. Yes, 10 pages of Harry Potter was so mentally exhausting that I fell asleep.

And had more of the strange dream about everybody reading HP at the same time in the UK.

It was Sunday night when I was both well and bored-before I was ill and bored-when I found Rick Mercer’s Monday Report, a program of the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company, eh?).

It finished off Sunday night for me.

And, I might add, it makes me officially envious of my friend Jerry and his partner who are moving to Canada-because, although they do not own a television, they could conceivably watch this program live on Monday night, seeing all the bits that I don’t get to see.

He is most excellent.

I suggest you hit the back issues and watch the following:

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Rick Mercer seems to be Canada’s John Stewart-and I love him.

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