April 2005


Curious London Adventures

ChrisC here with a minor blog hijacking. Faux Adam asked me to post something for him.

Faux Adam here – Sorry I have not posted anything to the blog for a while. Here is what I’ve been up to on my rather bizarre London adventure. I met my faux brother at the customs hall in Heathrow airport and then we boarded the Heathrow Express to the center of London, where we are staying at the Royal Windsor Arms hotel in Hyde Park.

Hyde Park is a lovely neighborhood with really expensive mansions and a nice park, unfortunately, our hotel room is about the size of a grain of rice. The bed is very soft and trying to sleep on it is kind of like trying to sleep in a big bowl. I like my brother and all, but rolling into him in the middle of trying to sleep as we both drift to the center isn’t my idea of good rest. After doing our best to rest-up and grabbing a shower, we headed out to start our afternoon in swinging London.

We started by boarding the tube and heading down to the Compton pub on Compton Street. When I was here with ChrisC almost 2 years ago, we spent an evening here watching the Eurovision song contest. This time we are being entertained by the varied assortment of international gay men – at least I think they are gay… my gaydar doesn’t work so well in Europe. I must say I’ve enjoyed the brief stop at the Compton a bit more than last time as I’m not getting hit over the head by the national flag of a bunch of drunken Swedes.

After downing our pints, we headed out to Greenwich to see the Prime Meridian. My faux brother really enjoyed going here as it marked the first time he has left the western hemisphere. That’s not surprising as he rarely leaves Colorado, so going to Kansas is quite a bit like visiting the eastern hemisphere.

We got off the train and made our way though the tunnel under the river Thames. About half way through the tunnel we passed a green man and some chick that looked something like the 1983 version of Cyndi Lauper, but a bit trashier. They were muttering something about making a dead-drop at the Royal wedding on Saturday. I’m not sure what to think of that, but I’m sure the police will take care of any incidents. The woman seemed rather agitated and she also gave me a look like she knew me. I don’t really want anything to do with them! Especially since talking about international espionage in front of the general public makes them lousy spies.

On our way back from viewing the Royal Observatory and all the gadgets on display, we stopped at the Gloucester Pub and had another pint. The green man and the punk chick were looking at us through the windows. I’m not sure what they were up to, but it made me feel uneasy. So we sat at the pub a bit longer and waited for them to leave.

Once they left, my faux brother and I decided we would head back to the center of London and have dinner. We stopped at this quaint little Italian place near the theater where the Harry Potter films have their world premiers. The food was good and watching the people stroll by passed some time. When we finished it was getting late so we headed back to our hotel for the night.

The next morning we decided we would make a trip to the Victoria and Albert museum. They have several wonderful exhibits and they are very detailed in their displays. My faux brother and I have some divergent interests in exhibits, so we parted ways and decided to meet up for lunch. While touring the exhibit on medieval weaponry, I rounded a corner and there was the punk chick again! This time she was alone. Why can’t I ever get stalked by good looking gay men?

I tried to ignore her but she kept looking at and following me. I finally confronted her. Upon closer look I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was faux MT! After commenting that her attire was rather unusual, I asked what she was doing in London. She said that she didn’t go home after our Berlin and Prague trip as she had been drugged and unwittingly made to start working for the green man. I decided that it was probably best not to ask about that, but I’ll call MI6 later.

She passed a couple notes to me and asked me to give the first to the US Embassy and to mail the second to faux Gary when I got back to Germany. After that she abruptly said she had to go before the green man found out she wasn’t on her current mission. She said not to say any more than this. I really hope things turn out well for her and I’m concerned, but international espionage isn’t my cup of tea. I’m going to comply with her requests regarding the notes, but that’s it!

At lunch I met up with my faux brother and he asked what I had been up to. I told him that I had just wandered though the medieval exhibits and that was it. I didn’t tell him about running into faux MT, and he won’t know about it until he gets back to the US and reads my blog.

This afternoon we went and took the quick tour of the sights of central London. Things such as Parliament, the London Eye, and Westminster Abbey. Overall it was a typical tourist day other than running into faux MT.

It’s late now, so I’m going to end here. I’ll update again after I get back to Germany.

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