April 2005


Quick London Summary

I haven’t really talked much about London because I’ve been too busy proofreading to get around to writing anything up. Today I finished Chapter 3—although it was a struggle since I was tired of it.

Anyhow, Lufthansa declined to let me board an earlier flight without paying a fee, so I was stuck on the late flight and I was happy I waited for a few reasons: First I got to ride onboard my first A300-600 ever. Secondly, I had an exit row seat. Finally, I got to fly over London at night and it was beautiful.

The downside was that the flight landed something like 45 minutes late and it was a race for me to get through immigration and to the Hotel before anything bad happened. I caught the 11:32 pm Heathrow Express, catching the third from the last train to the city.

At the hotel, which wasn’t great, I watched Die Hard 2 and enjoyed watching planes explode before falling asleep. Too bad I slept like crap and that I had to get up early to run off to Gatwick to meet my brother. Along the way I got my Oyster Card, took the bus, bought train tickets, and got to the airport about 20 minutes before my brother emerged from customs. I had a large latte in the mean-time.

Our trip back to the city was uneventful, and we went to the hotel where he got cleaned up and I killed time. Eventually we headed out and off to an Egyptian Archeology Museum, the British Museum, and then Covent Garden. Eventually we gave up and got on a bus back to the hotel because it started raining heavily. By the time we got back to the hotel I was soaked.

Friday we parted ways and I hit the half price ticket booth where I got the tickets to see Patrick Stewart, not knowing who I was going to see, followed by the Tate Modern and the Design Museum. Both are excellent museums that I adore. We met up, ate dinner together and I headed to the play where I was thrilled and then went back to the hotel because I didn’t want to wake my brother late at night if I came back too late.

I got to the hotel just in time to watch Playing It Straight, which was highly amusing and is a rip-off of Boy Meets Boy from the States. After that it was to bed, and up in time to part ways. Brother went to Bath, I went to Heathrow by way of a café and a bookstore.

On the way back I got to ride on an A321 which left late and landed later—had it landed too much later, I would have missed the last train to Weimar, which would not have been fun.

Friday I head to Frankfurt bright and early…

I travel too much.

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  • bitch, i’m so fucking jealous of you, you traveling whore, you! well, i stopped by tonight to read up and catch up…sounds like your rocking on with your cock on. will talk more later, okay?