April 2005


Consoling Consoles

Ah… Today was an interesting day.

Every single time I thought I was getting ahead, and in fact was, I would get more work. There were a couple of times I had managed to clear my desk completely of work related to the journal I manage, only to receive more work related to it 15 minutes later.

I have two things on my desk that I will deal with next time I’m in the office.

Which, by the way, will be next Wednesday.

Tomorrow I am departing Weimar, again, for London, by way of Frankfurt.

Unfortunately, I am leaving earlier than planned because I need to get pages added to my passport—I’m running out of space for stamps in my passport and the only way I can resolve this is to visit a US Consulate.

I have three cities that I visit that have US Consulates that will do what I need: Berlin, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam. In Berlin and Frankfurt it’s a brief operation. Amsterdam its an all day affair, so it’s out.

Basically, given my trip behavior, I’m down to Frankfurt right now—and due to unfortunate timing the most reasonable opportunity for me to do this is tomorrow, and I have to get up at 4:45, get to the main Weimar Train Station, and then catch the 6:12 train to Frankfurt.

Why this early?

They only add pages between 7:30 and 11:30 in Frankfurt, and if you have a question and need to call, one can only call between 2 and 4 pm.

Anyhow, I will be on the early train, spend the entire day enjoying whatever it is Frankfurt has to offer—which after a brief poll of people at the office, turns out to be uncertain.

Of course, I need to finish proofreading one chapter—and after I finish proofreading the chapter, I’ll be finished!

Anyhow, I’ll meet my sister in the evening, spend the night, and then Saturday we’re going to enjoy the RyanAir Frankfurt Experience, which means a two hour bus ride to the “Frankfurt” Airport… Hahn that is. Then we fly to London Stansted.

I return to Germany on Tuesday—flying RyanAir back to Germany—somewhere in the vicinity of where I live.

I’ll blog when I get back to Weimar Tuesday afternoon or evening.

2 comments to Consoling Consoles

  • IUMike

    *sigh*…the glamorous life of an expatriate. Enjoy yourself…you could be in Cleveland!

  • MT

    Wow – you really are gone. I have nothing new to read. Good thing Chris started a blog. 😉