May 2005



Dear KFC,

I am worried. I just read that six people were killed while dining at a KFC in Pakistan. Four were burned to death and two were in your big refridgerator when (i assume) they entered cold storage directly.

Suddenly, my lunch plans are not sure. I was going to go have some of […]

Memorial Day

I’ve been quiet this weekend—since I know a lot of people are on vacation and won’t be reading the blog until later this week, I just held off writing. That’s not to say I haven’t been busy—reading books, shopping, etc…

Regardless, enjoy your Memorial Day (errr… Bank Holiday in the UK or … notaholiday in […]

Hoosier Football… You can park!

I picked up one of those (American) football schedules for the Indiana University Hoosier’s upcoming season. As I went down the list I noted that IU would probably lose most of their games.

Right below the schedule it was clear that the designer was desperate for something to fill the space, so s/he listed the […]

What a drag.

Ah… Bullwinkles.

I headed to the bars tonight with Mateo. First destination: Uncle E’s, where we caught the last 15 minutes of American Idol and watched the winner get crowned. The TV was then switched to “The Contender” where men without shirts were boxing each other to become champion. All the cute ones had apparently […]

Terminix, Actually

I’m back in Bloomington and much to my surprise, the roof is being worked on and the roofer reports ants.

Deja vu?

Weirdo USA

There are things in the States that I am no longer used to, and they are annoying!

First, I almost lost my bank card in the ATM machine. In Germany, your card is returned to you before your cash is released, so Monday morning after I took out $100, I left the machine. Fortunately nobody […]

Gay Life: Rude Boyz, Central Station

Ok, so I was in London, and London has something that doesn’t exist either in Weimar or Bloomington (no offense to my friends at Bulls or Uncle Es, but…): Gay Life!

Thursday night, once the song contest was over, I decided to stay out instead of heading back to my hotel. I ended up catching […]

Absolute Terms

In absolute terms, right now, were I in Weimar, I would be lying in bed thinking about getting up and taking a shower.

Instead, I am sitting in bed getting ready to fall asleep. It’s 11:22pm here, 6:22am there, and I’m definately at the 11:22pm side of things. Trip from London was fine although the […]


I never got around to blogging my favorites for Eurovision, but my favorite song was the Belarus entry. Unfortunately the song did not make it through to the finals.

They were robbed.

Not hyperlinked due to the way I am blogging today, but see:


Assorted Thoughts

A few random things to mention:

Departure Boards: The signs on the platforms at the Weimar train station are broken—I noticed they were off on Monday, but I assumed it was because Monday was a holiday and that the preprogrammed trains would be wrong. I was wrong, they are just broken. I feel sorry for […]