June 2005


Operation Postcard

I referred to Operation Postcard in my earlier Writer’s Block post, but I thought it was time to flesh out the details on the blog, without becoming too specific. Those of you in the vicinity of Bloomington, Indiana, are not to inform the target, should you know who he is, of my identity.

Additionally, I […]

Generic Clothing

So MT pointed out, quite rightly, that I buy my clothing at chain stores and as such am a big part of Generica.

Which brings me to a long winded discussion about my clothing habits: As previously noted, I used to be addicted to Structure, which then became Express for Men, which some how became […]


It’s been a busy week already, and it is only… Tuesday, according to my calendar.

This morning I attended the workshop at the office, then at noon when everybody else headed to lunch, I went to my office, grabbed a few pieces of paper and headed for Weimar because if I didn?t, I would become […]


We’re having a workshop this week at the office, and my time is limited. If there aren’t too many updates, I hope you understand.

For the record, I have the following trips planned:

1 July – 3 July: Prague 13 July – 17 July: Madrid

My trip to Madrid will include a new airline, a […]

Restaurant Reviews

Back when I lived in Bloomington, Indiana, I had a listing of restaurants that I’d eaten at in the city, along with mini-reviews of the places. When I moved to Germany, I offered the page, and a link, to anybody who wanted to maintain the site. I also promised a redirect to the new site […]


I support Operation Yellow Elephant.

If I were near DC I would definately participate in Special Op “Tikrit Taxi.” Be sure you read patriotboy’s personal note at the top of today’s entries. He’s angry, and I fully understand his anger.


I promised a couple days ago to write about Podcasting.

Podcasting are audio programs produced by people and posted to the web. As previously noted, the first Podcast I listened to was the incredibly boring Gay Sexcapades. Gay Sexcapades so put me off Podcasting that I ignored it for a spell, but since returning from […]

Hot Apartments

My temporary dwelling in Germany is located on the top floor of an apartment building that is located up a steep hill. In San Francisco the path I ascend, which includes steps, would be a busy street.

By the time I get to the top of the hill, I tend to be pretty hot and […]



Authentic Fakes!

The Start of…

Happy Summer to everybody!

Unless you’re down under, in which case, Happy Winter!