June 2005


Evansville: Someplace Else

After a busy day yesterday, I insisted that my friend and I head out to Evansville’s gay bar, Someplace Else.

It’s a surprisingly spacious bar on two floors, and we were there a day too early for the “Main Street Festival,” which would be better described as a pride festival. For those who care, it’s a three day extravaganza of local and national acts, including (according to the postcard flyer) “National DJ” from 11 to 3am on Saturday.

We were there for “Thirsty Thursday” and the weekly comedy show that was scheduled to start at 10:30. 10:30 GST (Gay Standard Time) translates to sometime after 11, and I was well onto my second rum and coke. The comedy show is exactly that: a comedy drag show, although they were hoping to have an amateur strip show as well. Neither of us were interested in being contestants (First prize was a weekend pass to the festival).

Unlike the girls at Bullwinkles who take drag seriously, this was never an attempt to be anything but fun and amusing. It was, ultimately, a bunch of men in dresses. Of the queens we saw, only one actually was convincing as a woman: Tyler Winters (I think that was her name). The show had a southern country twang about it that made it sound like all the girls came from the remoter parts of Kentucky-with country music songs and southern accents.

That and they would announce the next queen performing as the “next heifer in the chute.”

Looking at the website, I have the impression that there are more professional queens performing on Friday and Saturday nights, but the photos still suggest men in dresses.

The show that we saw, although we left early, was a great deal of fun. I was more entertained at the show than I was at Bullwinkles. The queens take drag too seriously at Bulls but ultimately aren’t that great.

We left about midnight after I finished my friend’s Rum and Coke in a big gulp. The drinks were rather strong leading my friend to observe that I had probably drunk an entire bottle of rum over the course of two and three-quarters drinks. She made the observation as I was leaning against a wall in her apartment wondering why I was so tired and feeling so good.

Someplace Else certainly has strong drinks-and that’s an argument for going back.

3 comments to Evansville: Someplace Else

  • Jerry Faust

    Is Someplace Else a smoke-free venue like the Bloomington bars?

  • No, it is not smoke free.

    But coming from Germany, I didn’t notice the smoke until this morning when I smelled my blue jeans.

  • MT

    I noticed the smoke once we walked out of the bar and I smelled my sweater. Phew! This town would be hard pressed to pass a non-smoking ordinance.