June 2005


New Handy!

My mobile phone has been causing me a great deal of heart-ache of late, so I finally got around to buying a new mobile.

I’d tried to do so in America, and went to a T-Mobile dealer at the mall in Bloomington and asked what I thought was a pretty simple question: “What do you have in the way of triband phones that can do predictive text entry in both English and German? And I want this phone to be unlocked.”

The eyes of the clerk glazed over and he made a couple of comments that clearly showed that he had no idea what “predictive text entry? might refer to (one uses it in sending text messages). He said that he would call T-Mobile and that if I called him in an hour he would have answers.

I finally tracked him down at the mall a couple of days later, and the answer was that nothing was available.

It didn’t surprise me.

So today I picked up a Nokia 6021.

It lacks the camera, but does come with predictive text entry in English, German, Italian, French, Dutch, Turkish, Spanish, and Portuguese.

I guess I need to start learning more languages.

4 comments to New Handy!

  • ChrisC

    I really like my Motorola v551, though I would have preferred to keep my Motorola t721. Freaking Cingular farktards!

  • Sun

    What a cute phone! 🙂

  • koko

    you got that phone for one reason!! so boy could come over and teach you turkish!! you’re so sly ;);) one day you will win over my boy and i’ll be sad :/

  • Send Boy over! I forgot that he could teach me Turkish, this is excellent news!