June 2005


Writer’s Block

I have a few ideas rumbling around my head, but I haven’t found the right rhythm and rhyme to discuss them yet.

This happens to me occasionally-for example, the Gay Sexcapades entry was in my head for a month before I figured out a way to write about it. Right now I have a Podcasting blog entry in my head, and a half-assed movie review of one of my favorite films.

In the mean time, I’ve added “Scott and Joel” to my Net Friends category over on the right. Joel is my ex-roommate from Bloomington and Scott is his boyfriend (partner? – I don’t know which word they use). Joel is an incredibly talented and creative story teller, which I will write about later on. Scott is one of the friendliest and nicest guys in the planet. The duo lives in that Gay Mecca better known as Bedford, Indiana.

Plus, for those of you aware of Operation Postcard, I’ve sent the first postcard to the designated recipient. I wish I could see the designated recipient’s face when he gets it. The second postcard will be sent from Prague in a couple weeks.

8 comments to Writer’s Block

  • ChrisC

    If it was sent to me and the idea is that it is to have some sort of impact while receiving it in public, then the look on Bryan’s face will be priceless. 😉

  • MT

    Brain Fart. What you have is called a brain fart. I occasionally got those, esp. when I worked at the newspaper. There’s only so many ways you can write an obit. LOL.

  • ChrisC

    They lived, they died. They left everything to the dog.

  • Thanks for the props and for checking my blog. Sorry I didn’t get to see you while you were in town but at least we got to chat some. Hopefully next time!

  • Chris,

    You are not the designated recipient. I’ll tell you about it on the phone some time.

  • My blog posts generally fall into 2 categories:
    1) Updates on current “life” events (including travel
    2) Thoughts & musings on “issues”

    When I can’t think of anything to write in 1 or 2 (blogger’s block?), I create something in Category “3”: free-form autobiography, i.e. digging events out of the past and polishing the details for public consumption. 🙂

  • mateo

    I will try to keep an eye out for Operation Postcard. I was out there last night…but said recipient was not present. But there were a few guys there for me to look at, so I was happy!

  • Thanks Mateo! I just hope he still goes there, since the recipient was missing the last two times I went.