June 2005


Operation Postcard

I referred to Operation Postcard in my earlier Writer’s Block post, but I thought it was time to flesh out the details on the blog, without becoming too specific. Those of you in the vicinity of Bloomington, Indiana, are not to inform the target, should you know who he is, of my identity.

Additionally, I must remain somewhat oblique in order to prevent a web search from turning up my blog should the designated recipient do something rash like searching the web.

So, there’s a guy who hangs out a one of the gay bars in Bloomington who I think is cute. In fact, he’s one of three people from Bloomington who I think are cute in that “I’d let him eat cookies in my bed” kind of way. For the record, the complete list is as follows:

The first is Tom Coverdale, who as far as I know does not live in Bloomington anymore. Tom was a basketball player for the IU Hoosiers and was the sexiest thing to ever walk on a basketball court: Tall, Red Headed, Cute Smile.

The second is a guy who’s real name is probably Robert. I once had the pleasure of watching him play pool while hanging out at the bar. He was wearing shorts that were too big and, consequently, were sliding down exposing the fact that he was going commando. I was kind of beside myself that evening and said something rather sexual that I’d never said before and stunned a friend of mine. Have no fear, since then I have become a lot blunter in my crude talk.

The third man is tall with a cute smile. He hangs out at the bar in Bloomington quite frequently. When I was in Bloomington last month he did something which caused me to say “Danke” to him. He replied “Bitte” after a second, so he isn’t stupid (unlike, I suspect, the previous two).

So it’s this third man who is the Designated Recipient based on the following brainstorm that I had with Jay (Happy Birthday Jay!) and his boyfriend: The DR needs to get postcards from me! So I have sent one post card to him so far from Germany. I plan on sending him another one this weekend from Prague and then another from Madrid.

To increase the DR’s confusion, I am going to send Jay a postcard which he will mail while on one of his trips from somewhere in the United States.

This is stupid fun and I hope the DR appreciates it!

4 comments to Operation Postcard

  • Jay

    Thanks for the birthday card Adam.

  • mateo

    I just hope the postcards you are sending him are as zany as some of the ones you send me! I love the last one you sent. And it was the perfect postcard to send me as I went off to celebrate Chicago Pride! Thanks Adam!

  • MT

    speaking of postcards … keep your eye out for the one I mailed tonight. I had to take it down to the big blue mailbox because I didn’t want to shock my (most likely conservative republican) postman. 😉

  • I can’t wait to see the postcard.

    So far I am sending the DR picture postcards of where I am. The one from Prague is very beautiful. The first non-local picture will be sent by Jay. I have a hard time picking up postcards from places I’m not.

    If you know what I mean.