July 2005


“Wieder da?”

Well, I’m back in Weimar. I arrived this afternoon and was greeted by a neighbor with a friendly “back, again?” according to Anja’s translation.

And back I am. Between my laundry and the left-over laundry, I have at least six more loads to wash to run through the washer. Some how my two pair of […]

Landgrafen Tower — Jena

Landgrafen Tower — Jena

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So earlier this week, I climbed to the top of the hill above my flat.

Knowing myself, I realized that once I return to Weimar, I will loose any enthusiasm for climbing to the top of a hill in Jena.

What had attracted me to […]

Gay… Romeo

Since moving from Bloomington, I’ve sort of missed chatting on gay.com. I could still chat on gay.com, but the opportunities for meeting people within a reasonable distance of me are non-existent on gay.com—it’s just not popular in Germany.

It took me awhile, but eventually I found a site called GayRomeo.com, which basically serves as a […]


It seems what one can easily buy across the street from Frankfurt’s train station was available in the region eons ago.

Only in stone.

Odd Humor

I was listening to last week’s “Eat This Hot Show” when they discussed the use of humor.

I laughed out loud when Madge Weinstein talked about her experiences in a hospital. Apparently the hospital played a lullaby over the public addressing system whenever a baby was born. Madge, like I would, found this annoying and […]

Madrid III

The Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía is probably Madrid’s second most famous museum, and after 2:30 on Saturday afternoons, it is free to all, not just those people listed in the fine print.

I arrived at the Sofía around 3 having taken the long way there via the Atocha train station, and upon […]


Writing about Madrid takes time, so even though I’m entering the last day, I need to have time to write the entry, and that’s not happening until I take the computer home at night… which is again, not happening tonight.

I’m thinking you should expect a post about Madrid on Saturday.

You might want to […]

Madrid II


I started Friday by picking up a copy of The Guardian and reading more news about the London Bombers. I sped through the paper before meeting my sister. We were off to do the Palacio Real de Madrid; where the Spanish Royalty lived.

The Palace was beautiful and enchanting on many levels. We started […]

Madrid I

The first thing I have to say about Madrid is that it was really hot.

How hot you ask?

I arrived at my hotel at 11 in the evening, grabbed a quick shower, and headed out for a walk. I emerged out onto a crowded Grand Via and spotted a bus-stop which informed me that […]

Airports and Airlines IV

Freshly updated!

I just returned from Madrid–and will write about it soon, but in the mean time, I have put together more information that will bore you.

Airports I have flown in or out of: US: ABE; ALB; ATL, AUS; CVG; DCA; DEN1; DEN2; DFW; DRO; DTW; EWR; IAD; IAH; IND; JFK; LFT; LAS; LGA; […]