August 2005


Podcast Update

So what’s on my iPod today?

Well, it’s time for my Podcast update? This is what I am listening to, in order of personal listening priority:

Feast of Fools: Fausto Fernós and his boyfriend Marc do a fantastic show, with an incredible range of content. Fausto has an ability to take the mundane and make it interesting, plus no fear. I’ve had the pleasure of listening to men cruising for sex in Chicago parks, and an inside tour of Man’s Country, a bathhouse in Chicago. He also has interviewed John Waters, the director. The show I most look forward to listening to each day.

Yeast Radio: Madge Weinstein, 56 year old Jewish Lesbian. Ok, well, We accompanied her with one of her friends as she went to her 20th high school reunion last week. Except of course Madge isn’t really a 56 year old Jewish Lesbian. She’s an elaborate character put on by a guy named Richard, and he went to the reunion with one of his friends from high school. The show was incredibly powerful and honest-there were serious questions asked and pondered. Beyond that Madge’s shows are usually interesting and educational.

UFN Show: Five urban friends get together and chat-they understand what an urban family is meant to be, and the conversation is most excellent. I gave this show lots of love before.

Eat This Hot Show: This is a group show featuring five podcasters (four of whom I have subscribed to), with a weekly banter. I like the show, and apparently the last show they posted caused some controversy. Too bad the person who felt offended felt offended.

Fly With Me: The (presumably) Delta Airlines Pilot speaks and tells us about flying. He’s quite interesting and educational.

Fox and the City: Ragan Fox is a poet / doctoral student at Arizona State University. Pro-choice to the core, Ragan can sometimes talk about abortion a lot more than I am interested in listening to, but if you get beyond that, he has interesting rants (or badvertising, as he sometimes calls it), and is disturbed by bestiality-specifically canine love.

Hitter and friends’s podcast: Hitter is a twenty-something Arizona State University graduate, and he likes to talk with his friends on his podcast. Sex is often involved, discussed both by men and women-and one of his friends, Mijo, is gay. Hitter has an incredibly sexy voice but is sadly straight.

The Tartan Podcast: Scottish Music, host with a cute accent.

The MoPod Show: A group of fags get together electronically and chat about the news, give advice, and ponder things. Amusing.

IMAO Podcast: This is a political satire podcast. Cute, Funny.

Zophra’s Podcast: 18 years old. Irish. Gay. Pondering life. He?s trying to find his path in life and podcasts irregularly.

The Daily Hough: Chris Hough is about to be a 36 year old college sophomore and he works as a night auditor at a local hotel. If that were the focus of his podcasts, it would be funny, but instead it’s fifty-percent podcast cross-promotion, twenty-five percent philosophical musings, and twenty-five percent funny stories about the people at the hotel.

Twinkleboi Podcast: A young British kid ponders being gay and rants. Can be interesting at times.

The No-Lye Mixshow: Music mix show that is queer in orientation. I have them on my iPod as a back up right now – I hear new things here.

v-hold.net: a couple of queer guys out in California talk. I’ve only subscribed to this for a week, and it’s a weekly show-so I don’t have a substantial opinion yet. I can say their conversation is interesting.

8 comments to Podcast Update

  • Hi Adam,

    Came across your blog from Queerfilter and see that you listen to podcasts from time to time. You probably haven’t been to mine, but you have given each a personal critique/observation about their shows. If you haven’t listened to my daily blog, please give a a “hear” and let me know what you think.

    Regardless, you have a new reader!

  • ChrisC

    OK, have to say it because I got beat over the head for doing the same thing…

    It’s Delta AIR LINES, not Delta Airlines! 😉

    Crap, I’m channeling that obnoxious University of Wyoming prof again…

  • MT

    you know you’re tired when you read that as Hitler and friends …

  • Chris– I stand corrected, but I won’t edit the entry. I will try to remember for future reference. Whic UW prof are you talking about?

    MT– Funny enough, the first time I saw the title of that show, I too thought it was “Hitler and friends.”

    Scott M–which show is yours?

  • Scott M: Sorry, I was dense. I just realized I could click your name. For some reason I thought clicking it got me your email address… Am adding you to iTunes now.

  • Hi Adam,

    Thanks for listening to the IMAO Podcast!

  • Hitter

    Hey Adam This is Mark a.k.a Hitter, thanks for listing my podcast and your positive comments about my voice. Later

  • Hey please check out our podcast http://www.ashantynolemon.com, think you’ll enjoy it.