September 2005


06.09.05 / Rant

Ok, sorry, but today is a rant because I have a few things to complain about, each worse than the other in some way. In sequential order:

First: I took the bus from Cork to Dublin. Due to competition, the ride cost 7€. The train would have cost me 55€, so the bus was a fantastic savings, although it took 4.5 hours instead of 2. The tragedy on the bus wasn’t that great, all things considered, and I wasn’t really that disturbed by it, but as the bus pulled out of a city and started picking up speed, we hit a dog. When I got off the bus at our break point, I noticed that there were tufts of hair in the front bumper.

Second: I went out and bought some postcards to write this afternoon, and returned to my hotel to write. During this time, I turned on the television and RTÉ evening news and wanted to adjust the antenna to make sure it was in full color, grabbing the cable nearest me. It had a spliced cable on it, and I assumed it was the antenna cable, but no, I was wrong. It was the electric cable as I suddenly discovered much to my shock. After complaining to the front desk, they did the right thing and comped the room for the night. Accordingly, if you want to know where I stayed, I will recommend them because they did do the right thing-but since I’m framing this in terms of a rant, I am not going to tell you which hotel it is.

Third: I took the Zozimus Ghost Tour, which was really fun, and since I had already tucked in a pint of beer at The George, I was more talkative than normal. I would recommend the tour, but I feel that the tour guides were not cautious enough when some fucking hoodlums started throwing rocks at us near the end of the tour. Had they had their wits about, we would have been relocated at the first sign of trouble-thus saving me 33€–the cost of a new lense.

Fourth: As I was returning from The Dragon Bar at 11:15, a guy grabbed my ass in the Hotel doorway. Why couldn’t it have happened to me at the bar?

Random Notes: As I previously noted, I had a pint of The George before the Ghost Tour. As I went in the door, the security guard stopped me and asked me a very important question: “Have you been here before?” “No,” I replied. “This is a gay bar,” the guard informed me. Speechless for a second, I said, “Is that what the rainbow flag means?

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