September 2005


gay Bratislava

The trouble, for me, started when I made the mistake of complementing a local’s cool hair style – and in fact, I did like his hair. However, I didn’t necessarily want to have sex with him.

Unfortunately he thought I did.

Monday night Mateo and I were enjoying the friendly underground confines of the Apollon gay club in Bratislava-which on this Monday night was a techno-dance music enhanced gay bar without much going for it, when a local invited us to join him at his table. We were managing an awkward English-German-Slovak conversation (my limited German has come in quite handy on this trip), when suddenly the affects of my day’s liquid intake decided it needed to make an express trip out.

So I went to the toilet.

I came out of the toilet and was examining the free postcards opposite the bathroom door when I suddenly felt my hand being held-by the local with the cool hair style. I expressed a pretty clear disinterest by going back to the table and hanging out with Mateo. Sadly, the way my bladder works, I had to make another return trip to the bathroom in about 10 minutes, where I had the presence of mind to use the stall (without a lock, dammit!), and not to my great surprise, dude with a cute hair style tried to join me in the stall.

Conveniently I was also groped under the table.


It was a gay bar, so while I was annoyed, it was to be somewhat expected.

We left after awhile since the club didn’t seem to be getting any busier, and I didn’t really want to remain at the table with the potential of getting felt up continually.

From there we made our way to Spider, which appears to be a gay disco on the weekend, and during the week a gay bar with a decent atmosphere and patron selected music-which I might point out included the ever too popular crazy frog song that has swept Europe. We arrived there after midnight and each only had one drink, as I was already somewhat tipsy from a beer and two gin-tonics at the first bar and the prospect of staying out until the bar’s 2am closing time didn’t appeal to either of us-we returned to the hotel at 1:30.

Today we made our way to Anjeli, a café in the heart of Bratislava with a distinctly pink tinge. A local queen (and I mean that in a good way) was absolutely fabulous at his table and quite cute-a style I normally don’t go for. We were there for awhile writing postcards in the middle of the afternoon.

Gay Bar Bathroom Notes: I vaguely recall listening to a discussion about gay bar bathrooms on the UFN Show awhile back. If not, then I have no idea who to credit, but quite frankly-wherever I got this from is right. Gay bar bathrooms can be scary for straight men. The level of cruising in the bathrooms can be downright freakish-even for me. There are probably plenty of gay men who don’t mind being grabbed in the toilet, but I am pee-shy. I like my privacy and I am not especially turned on by the idea of toilet sex.

Bel Ami Notes: There are lots of hot men in Bratislava-no doubt about it, but I still haven’t seen any of the Bel Ami models around town. I would be rather happy if they were hanging out in Spider tonight when Mateo and I go for some closing drinks.

Other Random Notes: Bratislava has a stored named “Troll,” and, for good measure about a block away, another one called “Queen.”

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  • Adam – Yes it was us who talked about gay club bathrooms..

    ummm… how about being a straight woman in the bathrooms… well actually it was kind of fun… especially when the guys were trying to be funny and were making fake sex noises while I was peeing … to which I yelled… “HEY YOU BITCHES… Can you at least wait until I’m done so I can come out and watch?”

    spanking you later… Jessie