September 2005


Hurricane Housing

I got home from work today and in my inbox was a request from MoveOn.Org to help identify housing that isn’t shared in its listings. I also found a few amusing listings that I thought I’d share…

RUSTIC cabin for 2+ persons. I began renovations two years ago and they were not finished.(PHD student lived in it for 7 years) Persons would need to complete some minor finishing work and clean it for it to be livable again. Once done it is very quiet( except for the rooster)sits in the woods and located on a small farm. It could be “almost” completely furnished with some furniture,dishes,bed,linens, etc.. It has a new stove and a refrig., W/D. A tiled shower stall-no tub. Indiv. would be responsible for electric&gas/food.It has a woodstove and a source of wood. 5 Miles from UGA/downtown and possible employment. Once again Rustic and due to the nature of farm animals/machinary young children not advised. Pets are welcome.

My husband and I live in a large christian home on 26 acres in the country. We would like to give a home to 1 or 2 very small children or babies. Our home is filled with lots of love. It is just the two of us. Our children are young adults and no longer live at home. I plan on opening a daycare someday and have all the equipment and toys I need for small children. We will provide a home as long as needed or permently. Both our hearts go out to you and your familes. May GOD bless all of you.

I am willing to house 2 boys or 2 girls under the age of 12 years old. I am a retired school principal but I am willing to do my part in making children’s lives easier and comfortable. I am willing to take some of the children in orphanages or adoption agencies.

my-home-is-located-in-an-Urban-community …It’s-a-3-bedroom-1.5-bath-home…Please-no-Felonies-of-Narcotics,Burglary, Grand-Theft,Theft,Shoplifting,Worthless-Checks,Murders,Kidnapping, Attempted-Murder, Assault, Attempted-Assault, having-a-concealed-weapon.

This is a light, cute, simple upstairs apartment with a 41 year old working grad student. I have an extra room and actually would much rather have somebody here. I can only accomodate another female, and, so sorry, no little ones right now. Once contacted, I will need to interview the person like I would any other potential housemate, to make sure it is a fit that wil feel safe and OK to me. This is also a clean and sober home, and I am a Christian.

We live about 5 minutes from 2 Transit Systems. Our home is drug, alcohol and smoke free. We would like to house a single female with one child. You will be entitled to our whole house. It’s like saying you will be a part of our family. We will assist in any way will can including obtaining employment. There will be no need for a rush for employment. You all have enough on your plate to deal with. We live in a Africa-American community. Back in the day we did not have big houses, but we had large families and big hearts. That’s what we have. We have a house and a heart. That’s how we took care of each other in the early days by being a family. Back then it did not matter if you were a relative or how much money you had. People would just open their door because they did not want to see no family left out on the street. That is what we must do today. That is what this family is doing. Inviting you to be a part of our family. We can provide you with peace, comfort, food,relaxation and love for free. We understand that things may appear and sound bad, but you must have faith and believe that things will get better. The first step will be for you to join our family. Please call

1 GIRL 6-7 YEARS OLD! My family has space for(1)a 6-7 year old girl (1st/2nd grade). To share a room with my girls. We live in a nice residential area. Close to school, shops and parks. This is a smoke free, pet free environment. NO accommodations for special needs children. We have a comfortable loving home to offer a young girl. HURRICANE KATRINA VICTIM ONLY!

Our family is willing to house an elementary to middle school age child (or 2 if siblings) that have been left without parents or are wards of the state due to Hurricane Katrina. We are a married couple of 15 years, we have 3 daughters who are 9,11,13. I am a first grade teacher and my husband is a heavy equipment operator. We have a suburbian three bedroom 1.5 bath home. We have one bedroom that we could use to house a refugee(s). We have two dogs. We are also involved in our community. We are members of a Presbyterian Church, my husband coaches soccer and all of our children play soccer, my husband and I are the President and Vice-President of Lee County soccer and the girls and I are involved in Girlscouts.

Could accomodate a couple, or a single mom with child. Small attic apt. with king bed, furnished, private entrance & private bath. NOTHING FANCY. Elementary school (1-6 grades) just up the street. Our house is very near Univ. of KY campus. City bus stops right in front of our house. Steps to the attic apt. are very steep, so anyone with heart problems,severe obesity, painful arthritis, etc. probably couldn’t handle them. (I can’t! I’m too fat!) We can help with simple, nourishing food also. We have 6 cats downstairs. Don’t think a really large dog would be happy upstairs. (nor would our 6 cats) 🙂 Little indoor dog might be okay (no yappers, please)- cats are fine, and we’ll help w/ food & litter for them. We are NON SMOKING liberal Christians (not Right-Wing radical nuts!) Neither race, marital status, nor sexual orientation is of any concern to us, just as long as you are honest folks & will respect us, as we will respect you. ( Our ceiling is your floor, so loud music, loud talking, late hours, etc. just won’t get it). We will assist our guests to get food stamps, and any other temporary social programs available to them. We will help with their job search, as well. THIS OFFER IS FOR HURRICANE SURVIVORS ONLY. We also provide prayer, free of charge! 🙂 Thanks & “God bless us…everyone!”

I’m willing to take in children that has lost their parents.Ages ranging from five and up,I have two boys,their ages are eight and eleven.I have a four bedroom house with a fenced in front yard and a fenced in back yard, if I could help someone like God has made my life easier, then I should pass the blessing on to the Katrina Survivors,school is about two miles from my home and the bus stops right in front of my home. Please feel free to call me anytime after 2:30pm or leave a message.GOD BLESS EVERYONE….

We live in a meadow at the end of a dirt road in a small town. It is a 2 mile walk to town but only a mile to the store. We have 3 small bedrooms to offer and 2 cats. We have a forest and we also spend a lot of time at the ocean in Maine. You can come too! We can offer you this housing for six months or longer if you need it. We have a great community school and there are some kids of color in town. Our own kids are mixed race, they are grown up but we are together all the time. So if there are any girls, our daughter knows how to take care of your hair! If you are a kid and lost and cannot find your Mama or Grandma or Grampa or Daddy, you can stay with us while you need us. There is not too much work in town but our Dad has a small building company and if you want to work he can put you to work and teach you maybe how to build lots of stuff. We are Daniel and Leslie

WE have a cat and a dog. The entrance to our house is not wheelchair accessible but the remainder of the space available is.

Bunch of liberal assholes that belong to MoveOn live in my neighborhood— I think they should moveOut—- to Iran to spread their message of peace and harmony- before the Taliban beat their brains out.

All entries posted as writen, unless too much identifying information was included, so a couple have been edited. I don’t know which ones I find the most disturbing, to be honest…

2 comments to Hurricane Housing

  • ChrisC

    Wow, those are bad! This is what I thought as I read them:

    1. Rustic cabin in the city
    2. Christian family will take that pesky baby off your hands… permanently.
    3. Pedophile
    4. Sounds like they don’t want my ex.
    5. Christian, like about 80% of the rest of America.
    6. Free love? Sign me up!
    7. Parents need not apply. Oh, if your child has special issues please euthanize them.
    8. We are also the President and Vice President of the Surburbian Morans Club.
    9. Little dogs that yap. Are there any other kind?
    10. If God had blessed these folks, they wouldn’t need your help.
    11. You can stay longer than six-months, but after that we start growling.
    12. What luck! I just purchased a levitating wheelchair!
    13. Gee, when did the Taliban move to Iran? Perhaps Osama went with them.

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful comment, lol!

    Re: the last one…why the heck are there so many rednecks who think peace and harmony are bad things?