September 2005


ETC Test It — Fun!

Last night I returned to ETC Test-It, the gay club in Erfurt.

I was motivated after having taken a nap in the afternoon to do something to forget my Memme status. Plus it gave me the opportunity to see Katya for the first time in a few weeks-so all was perfect.

Unlike the last time I visited the club, I wasn’t about to fall asleep and hadn’t already attended Oktoberfest and eaten Chinese food, so I was set to spend the night, and spend the night I did.

Unfortunately the DJ was the same miserable fool who was spinning records last year-Enrico! Accompanied by BMoD, another DJ who’s most notable for being non-descript.

It was a surreal experience on some levels. At one point, I leaned over to Katya on the Dance floor and told her that it was like I was back in the mid-1990s, listening to my favorite Denver Radio Station, 96.5 The Peak. Of course the radio station is now history, having changed over to a Spanish language format after I moved away, but that didn’t stop a series of memories from flooding back-principally around delivering newspapers, along with the occasional drive from Denver back up to Laramie, where I would lose the station about 15 miles from Laramie as I dropped into the valley.

Katya too was going through some reliving of the 1990s: the music was eclectic enough to remind her of her younger days and her first real dances as a teenager in the former Soviet Union.

But my real complaint about the dance club is one that I noticed I made last year. There was no mixing of the music: it was one track followed by another, with at the most one or two seconds of overlap, but usually a second of silence as the next CD slipped into place. I mean, I’m clueless about music-really-but even I know that DJs should be mixing the music, and for goodness sake-why aren’t they being creative with the music. Some of the tracks had great dancing segments, but the slow parts? I thought that DJs were supposed to edit them out, mix the music, and make it completely danceable.

But enough about that-ultimately I had a fine time, achieving my goal of forgetting about the doctor and relaxing. The eye-candy hit rate was extraordinarily high-the highest I’ve had in a long time (the highest being the Kai Tracid concert in Dresden, which was unfortunately a hetero-circus filled with tons of cute young men). Katya claims that I was missing the signs of multiple guys who were interested in me-and I believe her since I tend to be oblivious to those kinds of things. Ultimately there was one guy whose hair I found really attractive, although I can?t say I found him that attractive during his really drunk period, and a few others who were close to being my type.

We stayed until just before 4, when Katya had a tram to catch, and I walked down to the train station to catch the first train of the day home. I crawled into bed at 5:15, happy as a clam at high tide.

Funny thing is, it hasn’t really quenched my thirst.

I plan on going back next week.

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