September 2005



It’s official. The 1990s fad of ribbons to help us remember AIDS victims, Breast Cancer, the Troops, Columbine High School, and whatever else have gone on too long.

I hate ribbons now-whatever the cause and whether they are magnetic or legitimate.

How about some real dialogue about problems and issues while limiting the use of simplistic symbols?

9 comments to Ribbons

  • mateo

    Gee Adam…

    You just NOW got tired of the ribbons?!
    You are *so* far behind the times!!!
    I was tired of them *years* ago!!! Heheh.

    Oh..and I did read “The Good Master” and “The Singing Tree”. Can’t imagine anyone living in that manner anymore, but they were both enjoyable stories, though they sure do give kids a lot to think about!!!

  • MT

    If I wasn’t a role model (ha!), I’d pull those stupid magnets off of people’s cars … maybe I’d take the military ones and chuck them. Maybe I’d put the aids ones on the scary “W for president” cars. I could reek havoc. Oh yes I could.

    But I won’t.

  • I like the aids idea…

    but I’m too far away to do it myself.

  • MT

    Well, you know, Gary has a “morals” clause in his contract. I suppose having your wife get arrested for stealing the damned ribbons would not be good. 😉

  • the morals clause applies to him, not you.

    How can morals clauses be upheld in a public school? I could see firing one for guilty verdicts, but really?! It’s immoral to smoke!

  • MT

    Welcome to Kentucky, my friend.

  • Hey Mateo, I read you comment and somehow forgot to reply… The Good Master and The Singing Tree are rather dated, but they are amazingly powerful stories. It wouldn’t surprise me if some people in Hungary still lived lives that echo the lifestyles in the story.

    Particularly the wedding…

  • mateo

    In regards to removing/adding people’s magnetic ribbons on their vehicles:

    I’ve often been tempted, but I always remind myself that it is their personal property and not mine, not matter how much it might annoy me, irk me, piss me the hell off!

    Once, coming back from a concert, I thought someone had mysteriously moved the rainbow sticker I have on my car to the other side of the bumper. But in the morning I realized it was still in the same place and that someone had *added* a “support our troops” ribbon to my car. I immediately ripped it off and threw it away. I do support the troops (I mean, I *was* in the military for gosh sake!), but if I wanted it there, I’d put it there myself! It did make me laugh, but it was so gawd-awful ugly, there was no way it was remaining on my vehicle!!!

  • Maybe we should start adding stickers to people’s car… I mean adding to people’s personal property isn’t theft, is it?