October 2005


From the Inbox: Eat Here. Or Else.

Dear Colleagues,

I think everybody knows Ms. Smith, who operates our cafeteria, and has already had lunch there.

We were very lucky to have Ms. Smith operate our cafeteria, because we are a small institute, where an independent small business person cannot earn a lot of money. Ms. Smith knows this. That said, she likes cooking for us and she would like to do her best to satisfy everyone. If you do not like certain meals, please let Ms. Smith know. She will not be upset. On the contrary, she will be happy to know what people like to eat and what they don’t.

It is no secret that for different reasons some colleagues go out for lunch to other facilities. In this regard, I would like to indicate that should you have an accident on your way to another facility, you might be insured, but there is no guarantee for it. The insurance company will assess each individual case.

I would encourage all of you to regularly use our on-site cafeteria and to give Ms. Smith the possibility to cook for us now and long into the future.

Best regards

2 comments to From the Inbox: Eat Here. Or Else.

  • mateo

    Heh…reminds me of my job. It’s weird how the message starts out all friendly, but seems to get more sinister as you get to the end. It seems even more so if you keep reading it over and over again. Although I do have to say that the first sentence isn’t really worded very well.

    So Adam….
    are you going to be eating there everyday, or are you going to take the risk that some unfortunate “accident” might happen to you???

    (They don’t have hired goons, I hope!!!)

  • IUMike

    The Germans don’t fool around!