October 2005


Tom Coverdale

I just googled Tom Coverdale, and he’s now “Director of Basketball Operations” at the University of Louisiana Monroe.

I still think he’s cute.

Will you please marry me Tom?

14 comments to Tom Coverdale

  • MT

    “He is single and resides in Monroe.” Because, you know, everyone wants their employment website to tell their marital status. D’oh.

  • Tom

    Of course!! fine ass you got 😉

  • Tom

    Come back to the US so I can marry your fine ass!! And stop ignoring my first comment…come get me you feisty man god you!

    Tom Coverdale

    ps i love you 😉

  • We’ll need to move to Canada.

  • Tom--adam's hot piece of ass

    I’m so ready to move with you to canada…gee I’m glad I read your blog today 🙂

  • Richie or Mrs. Thomas Coverdale

    Sorry i captured Tom last night got him drunk and married him. He is one hot sytud in bed, you should see that red head bobbin on my dick, Thomas Coverdale is my hubby now!!

  • Derek

    I knew Tom when he was here at Indiana. He real wasn’t gay, but he did like to expiriment and it was easy to get him drunk.

    I will send this blog site and comments to him in Monroe La.

    If he does deside to marry you, I think you two would make a lovely couple. Who would be the man and who would be the wifey.
    Come on Adam courios minds want to know!!

    So congrats to you and Tom if you marry!!

  • Oh my!

    I didn’t realize that comments for this entry were still turned on.

    No point in turning them off now.

  • Tom Coverdale was one of the greatest things that ever happened to Indiana since he left they have lacked the hustle, i dont care if hes at some small college or in the NBA he was a great player

  • I’m all for Tom–and not just as a player. As a man, he is incredibly attractive…

    he had it all!

  • Laura

    Tom isn’t gay
    I had sex with him last friday

    It was great

    Straight as an arrow

  • Andre

    Tom Coverdale is so gay!! I heard he took it up the ass from Mike Davis and Jared Jeffries at the same time. Ouch!!!

  • laura

    Tom isn’t gay but ive got the inside scoop on someone else that is. JJ Redick. He had sex with my friend Andre. Dead serious.

    But Tom is straight we had a magical experience.

  • Tommy C.

    OK guys I’m finally going to say it. I’m gay. I like Poo HOles. =====)–0
    that is a drawing of my penis in mike davis’s butthole.