October 2005


DJ Kai Tracid

DJ Kai Tracid, uploaded by elmada.

Last night, as previously announced, I went to see Kai Tracid peform at DoubleSTRIKE in Erfurt.

Kai Tracid is my absolute favorite musician—as a DJ—who performs trance and acid music (tracid). Prior to my first encounter with a music video of “Life is too Short,” a bit with a very positive and important message, I had never even heard of neither trance nor acid, nor realized that they could be combined.

After last night, he remains my favorite DJ and I have a greater appreciation for trance and acid, although to be honest, I have no clue what is the difference between the two. He remains so despite the fact that DoubleSTRIKE was absolutely and positively bad. The organizers had booked a venue that was at two times—perhaps three times—larger than necessary, stuck the DJs on a massively large stage, and then apparently did not promoted the event at all.

If you look through my DoubleSTRIKE photo set on Flickr, you’ll notice that the crowds were rather sparse.

DoubleSTRIKE DancerThat’s not to say that the event was boring. I had a lot of fun dancing and watching people. The organizers hired people to dance—both young men and young women. Certainly the young men were cute, and one of them had a hair-cut to die for. If I could get my hair to do what his did, I would be very happy. You might be able to see the hair if you look closely at this or this photo.

There were other DJs at work last night. The first headlining DJ was RMB, which did not really speak to me. Katya and I spent most of the time that these DJs were working hanging out and relaxing—I’d worked up quite a sweat from the first DJ, whose name I do not know. After RMB came Blank & Jones, who were quite good and fun.

By the time the main event, at least as far as I was concerned, hit the stage, half the crowd had gone.

Don’t get me wrong, it was great seeing and hearing Kai Tracid perform for a second time, but by the time he started, the crowd had dwindled to about 100-150 people.

DoubleSTRIKE was a nice idea, but ultimately the excessively large venue combined with the fact that the DJs were rather isolated from the fans meant that the energy was wrong and that in many respects, it wasn’t as much fun as it could have been. Although I was ill at the time, Kai Tracid at Melly’s in Dresden was a much more intimate and enjoyable experience. Had the energy for Kai Tracid been better last night, we would have stayed longer—instead I decided that the 4:21 train to Weimar was the train for me, so we left.

Hopefully my next encounter with Kai Tracid will be in a more pumping environment for I still have not yet tired of him.

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