October 2005


Happy Halloween!

Today is Reformation Day in Protestant Germany—celebrating the day that Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door in 1517.

Just a few random ramblings: First of all, I’m now a Pastafarian and have been touched by His Noodly Appendage. I’m disappointed that I did not learn about this religion sooner. If somebody would get me the Kansas Science Museum T-Shirt for Christmas, I would be unusually happy!

The weather has been fantastic for late October. Yesterday I took a lovely 12 kilometer (7.5 mile) hike around Jena with my colleagues from the office. The fall colors were in full splendor and, amusingly, at one point we had a view of the Jena Fußball field that was far better than the view I had whilst in the stadium.

Like the USA, Germany switched to standard time like most of the continental United States (except Arizona and Indiana). Now it’s dark at 5:30 and pitch black at 7. On the other hand the mornings are lighter. It is the depressing time of year.

Halloween is not observed in this part of Germany, at least not widely. This saves me from having to buy candy and having to eat the leftovers. This is very healthy…


4 comments to Happy Halloween!

  • ChrisC

    I’d like to be touched by a noodly appendage… it’s been a while.

  • ChrisC

    Oh great Flying Spaghetti Monster! Please forgive me for my “it’s” sin. I will forever be in your debt if you allow me to replace that with “it has…”

    Your humble servant.

  • Annie

    In my hometown we have a tradition similar to Halloween, called Anaris. At November 30 children dressed as kings or dwarfs go from house to house to get candy. Maybe they’ll knock on your door as well. I’ll see what’s going on in Philly tonight. I doubt I will see any child strolling around in University City 🙁

  • Happy Halloweenie to you too Adam!!